War of rights, civil war game


Check this game out and vote for it on Green light, it looks pretty cool. It’s a realistic multiplayer game set in the American civil war, its Cry Engine so the graphics look lovely as usual and the game play looks interesting as well.


Seems interesting, however from the video it looks like it’s more of a modern squad-based tactical shooter than what is appropriate for the Civil War.


I believe the small squad action was just one of their smaller game mods. They said on their kick starter page that there will be huge battles that can have hundreds of players involved, similar to Napoleonic wars.

Ive heard that these guys were behind the popular North vs South mod for Napoleonic wars so i would expect something along those lines, in terms of scale.You can even be a general commanding all of the troops on the battle field so im interested to see how they pull this off.


Wow. This looks awesome.


I’d happily build some nice settlement or whole kingdom on these beautiful maps! (I’m not much into that fighting thing) :smiley:


I realize how old this topic is, but I’m curious to know if anyone here is playing and, if so, what you think of it.