Wardrobe Malfunctions LOL


Probably puts his pants on back to front aswell!

I’ve noticed multiple glitches with the clothing. I really wish the devs had gone over the clothing layering system a few more times because there’s quite a few collision glitches.

It seems there are a few different generations of equipment still in game. Some of it we might not supposed to be able to get, but is still in the loot table for things like chests. I’ve noticed a “black pourpont” that is red and has a hip bag that floats in space and floats back and forth with the idle animations under the physics system and these “old pauldrons” looted from a chest in the Rattay Rathaus/talmberg that have the top of the pauldron seperate and anchored to the shoulder and the lames anchored to the arm. The cop of each pauldron is in a different place. Right side they clip like pic related and the left is fine. Everything in the standard vendor and bandit inventories though is all polished. The sleeveless gambesons and things like these might be cut content leaking into the game.

Yeah, the old pauldrons kind of float around. I’m not sure why they changed them because in the beta, they didn’t have any glitches.