WARNING: Before You Start The Tourney

Hi this is just a friendly PSA that before starting the Rattay Tourney you should consider removing all equipped armor into your inventory. When items are automatically removed in KCD there is a random chance some items will go POOF and disappear. And in the tourney, Henry is fitted with armor provided by the tourney therefore sending some of your items in your items and other items straight to the shadow-realm.

THIS ALSO MEANS automatically removing items into your universal chest and automatically retrieving them into your inventory as well.


I can sadly confirm this even with the recent stream of the Tournament.
So many hard to find Items and Lost my Badge of OFFICE as Bailiff too.
I believe I lost over 50% of my inventory.

Can you save your items by putting them on your horse? That could be a posibility if your horse is not overloaded.

Yeah, I have the same bug - all money and half of armor and weapons gone…when you put stuff in to chest, before tournament, it will be ok…

Horse can be solution too, but I didnt tried that…

Hey Guys Thank you so much for this. I was into this issue and tired to tinker around to check if its possible but couldnt get it done. Now that i have seen the way you did it, thanks guys
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Yeah, same problem here, i lost my warhorse helmet and some other stuff from inventory.

I have the same bug.

This bug is caused by player having too many items in the inventory. To work around is to keep the items as low as possible. We are working on the fix and we will delivere it asap.

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What’s the ‘too many’ threshold?

Threshold is 256, BUT this threshold is reseted between save/load or game restart. That means that second start with 50 items in each start is 100/256. Sorry for the inconveniences.

Until the patch, better not go flower and herb picking before the tourney. Do arrows count toward that number? I usually carry +100 arrows when I do my horse archer thing

Yes because I even lost 500+ in arrows

Wish Hugo the hoarder’s save file had been tested

Yes I can confirm the horse works too.

Lucky for me I saved before my first tourney as far as I knew I had only lost my hand weapons which included my st. George’s sword. Being the hoarder I am I had to reload and replay the tourney again. This time it was much worse even though I stored my weapons on my horse and I didn’t lose them I lost over 1.5 million groschen plus other items. Reload three I put everything on my horse and after winning the tourney for the third time all my stuff was waiting for me on or in :grinning: my horse. I’m not sure where he puts all that stuff :thinking: but it was thankfully all there :grin:.

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All I know is that I have honestly had the game completely crash one time after Storing EVERYTHING on my Horse. I lost count after 5 Million Units of Items in tally.

I read this tread and proceeded to put just about everything into my inn chest before leaving for the tourney. I also found out that one or more of my mods would not let me talk to the Tourney master so rather at the time go thru the tedious trial to find it I unloaded all the mods. took on my first tourney and won w/o losing a round.
Was poison by Black knight but survived and whooped his but.

I’m still getting this issue, I can pass a copy of my save game. I don’t know if the team can even address this bug at this point butyeah.

I have this issue as well, and at this point it’s just not worth doing the tournament. I tried a few methods to prevent it and all I did was waste an hour of my life. 10/10 game otherwise but this was crazy aggravating.