Was the Sinew Long Bow removed from the game?


I’m not sure if this is intentional or not. I didn’t start playing Kingdom Come until maybe 2 months ago, and I did watch a view guides and videos and things of that nature on like best weapons/armor ect. One of which was the Sinew Long Bow which was suppose to be obtained in 1 of two ways in Pribyslavitz.

1: Purchased from the Archer Master once you build the Guard House and Archery Range (this guy no longer functions as a vendor apparently)

2: Stolen from the Guard House Armory(I unlocked both chests inside and scoured the building which isn’t very big and only saw the shields mounted on the walls and 2 barrels which had some standard grade arrows in them)

Did I miss something and its obtained some other way now? Or was the Bow removed for being too strong or something?


My Sinew Bow is still there. Did you have or had Mods installed?
I had it once, that I “uninstalled” some mods and my bow was removed.
I had to reload an old savegame.


its gone since patch 1.7.2 for some reason, a lot of people have been complaining about this.


Nah I’m actually playing on Xbox, but when I picked up the game I think they were already in patch like 1.8.


1.8.1 its not here I checked all chests and killed archery master he just respawned without trade option