We need siegewars DLC

We are playing a game within a time frame with cross bows, guns, trebuchets etc. But no once do we get to expierence it.

It’s a major shame. What I propose is giving Henry a new ability’s as skills.
This skill would be acquired after The raid of Talemberg. Via the help Tobias Friar questline. When speaking to the engineer in Sassau you could learn from a book in his trunk. This would be a guarded book that would require you to open a very hard lock, within a 4 second time frame. Where guards are constantly patrolling.

As of such you would acquire “a introduction to Siege engine”. This book would take Henry 24 days of reading to understand.
From there you would learn that Sir Radzig once again has been frugal with you.

You learn that hidden warfare books are hidden in Sir Hanush’s vault. And that only the lords have access to it. As of such you have to sneak into sir hanush’s house and lock pick his door, avoid 50 guard rotation and pick pocket him. And get away.

There you will learn how to use cross bows, how to build war engines etc.

… here the dlc begins.

King sigismund, decides to go on a full invasion with the army we see in the opening scenes of the game. You see him carrying sir radzigz’s sword. Once again you must convince the lords to defend Bohemia. Right after fight for Talemberg. So everyone is tired.

Henry here must quickly build his own army. - Ashes DLC. And he protect Bohemia.

This part sounds like quite a mess for me.

you know the game is based on real history, right? King Sigismund went full invasion with the huge army…in 1420…17 years later. And was beaten by Hussites army where some lords were as well. So yeah… atleast part of your fantasy DLC really happened, just not in the game period…