We Should Be Able To Kill Margaret And Still Pass The Quest

In the quest Cherchez la Femme, we learn about Talmberg’s original master huntsman, Hanekin Hare and how due to extreme selfishness (treachery more like) on the part of his betrothed, Margaret, he was condemned to die for a murder he didn’t commit.

In the quest, we kidnap Margaret and hold her ransom in order to coerce her new husband and huntsman Nicholas to sign a written confession detailing the conspiracy. Naturally, I was more than a bit upset to discover what these two, namely Margaret, did. So, after obtaining the confession from Nicholas, I rode back to where Margaret was tied up and shot her in the head.

Then I failed the quest and Hanekin won’t talk to me. Even though he wasn’t even there when I killed Margaret.

It would be nice if we could mete out justice to Margaret and still pass the quest lol. Lots of other quests allow unorthodox ways of dealing with problems (for instance, you can kill the vicar in Waldensians to “solve” the problem), and I think this quest would also be a good fit.

Well, I guess Hanekin still loves Margaret, after all and wouldn’t want her to die. Love is a very strange thing sometimes.

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