Weapons in the game

Keep struggling against enemies while using maces, axes and short swords/hunting swords. Yesterday i went against a single cuman while i was using a Metal-plated battle axe and he was literally countering all my blows seemingly the moment i pressed the attack button. I was basically fighting a stonewall. Same thing always happens when i use short swords as well. Then 3 hours later i go against 3 full plated bandits (mostly using milanese armor parts, using Longinus and Magdeburg swords) while i was using a Fearnot (60% dur., which i stole from a dead merchant in Skalitz, killed by Cumans) and i disarmed and killed 3 of them with relative ease. Is there any point in using other weapons or am i just using’em wrong?

There are skill levels for the different weapon types. I am terrible when in comes to fighting with the sword or axe, but do well with the mace. I do not believe you are using them wrong but check your skill levels with the various weapons and stick with the one that you are best at.

Actually, longsword is the weapon i used the least. Since the beggining i’ve been alternating between axes and short swords and i wasn’t being effective at all against strong enemies. I only used the longsword once or twice early on in the game…

Shortsword and longsword are both the same skill (swords).

random enemies are currently op. concentrate on master strike or fight with a bow


Random Cumans and bandits dressed as burghers actually counter most of the blows.

As stated before, due to an update to the combat system made this summer, you’re best off hoping for a master strike. It’s very important to have your weapon positioned where the strike should come from.

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