Wear Cuman clothes in Cuman camp?


What happens if you stroll in to a Cuman camp decked out in all Cuman clothes and armor? I am guessing they attack just as they normally would? I thought I remembered something about being able to infiltrate a Cuman camp in Cuman clothes.


You will get a delay in attack until you get confronted and questioned in their language.

This will give you 1st shot at the leader.

worked in prebislaviz(sp?)


You have to dress into set of armor located in the barn oposite the cuman camp entrance . It is in a chest. Thats for battle of Prybislavice.


good to know. tho I always collected my own by “other means”


In Pribyslavice you will be recognized immediately in your “own” set.


I will hafta try it out then next play thru. It seemed at the time I did ok until I tried to poison the second pot and the bandits dismissed me.


Even in the “right” disguise one of the cumans will come to you and ask you smtg in hungarian (my knowledge of this tongue is rather limited) You can outtalk him maybe 2-3 times and after you are done :grinning: