Weather - a year from release


Sorry if I’m whipping a dead horse here but I have been unable to find a satisfactory answer to what I think is quite a blatant over sight. Why on earth does the sun shine when it is raining all the time? I’ve enabled volumetric fog to somewhat alleviate the annoyance but it isn’t a fix really.

Case in point; the weather at the start of the game when Henry revisits Skaltiz is never seen again. Instead it’s just weird sunny rain that doesn’t happen to anywhere near the same frequency in real life central Europe. Most of the time when rain falls the sky is white/grey overcast and gloomy.

Again apologies if this is an issue that’s been raised heavily before but it just seems very odd that something like this hasn’t been acknowledged by the devs (that I can find) or fixed in any way…



Yeah, many people complained about this.


I have not experienced that in any of my playthroughs……. Did those that experience crazy weather have a mod previously installed?


It does in reality, sometimes. As far as I can tell it does in game, sometimes.
I’ve often found it gets so danged dark at noon as a result of rain and cloud that I practically need a torch out.

So, with that said, I’d have to say that, based on my experience it is not quite clear what the problem is, and that might be why it is an “oversight.” The developers don’t think there is any problem.

Have you done a systematic measurement to determine how often it is raining with the sun shining? As well as how often it is raining with the sun eclipsed by clouds? As well as how often it is so gloomy when it rains that it is noticeably dark?

Not trying to be an arse, but seriously: I hadn’t noticed the frequency with which it rains and sunshines simultaneously to be an issue.
Yes, it happens. It seems to happen more often during the first 10 or 14 days in the spring of 1403, but then less and less so as the summer begins.


I’m gonna guess you are on console. This is were most people have complained about the lack of weather diversity. I noticed this in my plays also.


It’s not that there’s never broken cloud cover when it rains. A number of people have asserted this weather is observed in Bohemia. The issue is that other ‘typical’ rain storms seem too infrequent or short in duration.


It’s not that there’s never broken cloud cover when it rains. A number of people have asserted this weather is observed in Bohemia. The issue is that other ‘typical’ rain storms seem too infrequent or short in duration

Well I’m on PC and I suppose it is Possible that the underlying algorithms somehow render weather at different frequencies on different platforms. Though based on my apprentice-level understanding of how game engines work, I’d be surprised if that is actually the case. As far as I know, same source code runs on both platforms, it just needs a few “wrapper” portions that are conditional to the hardware that moderate certain settings inside the .exe, and the algorithms that determine probabilistic weather behavior would not seem like something that the developer would bother to tweak for consoles versus PC platform. . . Could be wrong though, like I say, just an apprentice with C++ not even a Journeyman yet . . .

So with that said, and being completely honest . . . during my first 30 or 50 hours of play, I did “notice” that “Damn seems to rain with sunshine a lot in this game . . .” My wife even commented on it while watching me play once.

But now that I’m into like 30 or 40 days passed in the game world, it doesn’t seem to happen as much.


Impression based on ~675h in playline 1 and ~375h in playline 2 (hardcore). Bone soaking rain (non Missile Command stuff) with lightning and thunder were a weather pattern prior to Easter patch. Now, with heavy pixelation patched, can’t recall last storm like that. Observer bias is possible but other console users have reported similarly


I was about to come back and say you’re probably right but then I had another session of sun/rain. There was a prior session of overcast rain with sun barely shining through the clouds above though. Bit confused now. I could really use a thunderstorm or two; that would crank the immersion right up.


I just now had a session of sun+rain in my ongoing hardcore play line too. Must be around 50 days in.


Oh and sods law I get a nice thunderstorm… perhaps I was being too hasty and the weather is determined by how far you get in the story. I’m 30 hours in and not past the Reeky bit yet.


Weirdly I have this on the PC but not the XBOX


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It does “seem like” the rain+Sun happens “pretty often,” as well as “it rains a lot” in the game.

That is about all I can say.