Weeds Quest Glitch

When Nicodemus arrives at the garden to check the work and Henry asks him about the reward, conversation ends with no result and no way to end the quest. The objective to go back to Nicodemus is also marked as optional for some reason, which doesn’t seem right and might have to do with the bug. After third attempt I gave up, avoiding this quest entirely so it does’t clutter up my journal. Has anyone had this problem and found the solution? It seems the usual problem with this quest is that it’s hard to do it perfectly and not fail it. But I’m okay even with failed quest so long as it doesn’t stay in the journal.

I’m with you. Nicodemus has issues and sees invisible weeds. In my playthroughs he finally allows I’ve done my best and the quest continues. I mean I done grid searches and have only succeeded once.

That’s when you know it’s time to take ol’ Nicky out to the garden One. Last. Time.

“Yeah, Brother Nic, that one right there in the corner. Take a good close look at that one and let me know what it looks like to you. Oh it’s a -“. THWACK!!

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