Weekly torch, current state, etc

Tobi tweeted (below) that he loved it when WH did the weekly torch every Friday. I agree. Wish WH re-engaged. The radio silence here is lamentable.

Till the Viking-Czech marriage is consummated and until other DLC news surfaces, I’m weaning myself of KCD some.

Just started playing Nobunaga’s Ambition Sphere of Influence Ascension (NASOIA). It’s tedious as hell (in a different way from FO4) but satisfies a settlement/build aspect missing in KCD. Conceptually like the NASOIA feature that allows me take my group of soldiers and join other commanders as we battle the enemy on the field or at a castle. To me, an RPG that builds toward participating as a unit within a medium to large scale battle would be sublime. being able to do so within the Battle of Vienna or Battle of Grunwald would be the dog’s bollocks, cat’s pjs, bee’s knees, etc

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Silence is not always golden.
Sometimes it’s rude.

I already plan another weekly update quite soon, but it isn´t the torch. :slight_smile:


@DrFusselpulli Doc, my favourite Dark Master, how about Viktor Bocan’s answers on Weekly Torch?

Sweet :clap:t4::clap:t4::clap:t4::clap:t4: Is there a (special) name for this yet? Just want to know what to look for