Weekly Torch - the barrel of questions

Yeah! Why?! @Hellboy

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Questions from Diego Miguel O Faustiono on Facebook:
How “interactive” can the environment be? Does the grass move as you move across it? Does the wind blow in different directions? Will there be, let’s say, Rain and storms and such? If I strike a tree will it leave a mark?


Is this correct?
To get more frames, the only way is to lower something. To lower the details, the number of objects, or the textures.
Can you describe exactly how do you optimize the grafic?

Does the game work better with 4 fast cores or with 8 (not so fast) cores?

Does WH have the new Ryzen CPU for testing the game?


Now it is time to answer questions to our designer Prokop Jirsa:

Regarding the quests, it’s always nice if there are multiple solutions, so good to hear that. How do they affect the outcome, though? Will there be different rewards, or even some things that carry over into other quests or areas of the game, depending on the chosen solution?

Also, are the different solutions geared towards the different types of character we can play (warrior, rogue, bard - or whatever those “classes” turned into by now), or are they more organic and independent of play-style?

“Chicken killing. Really, try that!”

Has something changed since the Alpha? Exploding chicken? Is killing chicks a crime?

Is the only way to start a quest by talking dialogue? Or are other mechanism implemented?

Did we get the same exp. Points for different solutions or if we fail a quest?

Are all main quests bound together (linear) or are there also different paths? Is the progress of the story always the same? Multiple solutions of the story, not “only” of the quests?

Which part of the daily work is the most funny?

Are there quests in the game you don’t like, but are implemented for story reasons?:blush:

Perhaps he is busy being the gaming dev equivalent of Professor Jordan Peterson. Trying to spread common sense in a pc world gone mad.

Or holding a sword in one hand a rifle in another staring into the abyss. preparing for life if it ever turns out like the movie The Road with Viggo Mortensen.

Well,he already answered.It was a bit slow, but the answers are there now.

Ha I see . Cheers for the link. Interesting read.

Now it is time to ask questions to our Programmer Tomáš “Bary” Barák

Hi tomas barak! I want to ask “will there be destruction like breaking of walls 'trees’armor etc in kingdom come deliverance?” because cryengine has awsome procedural destruction capability.

I sit at my desk and work with Visual Studio (which I personally hate)

I share your pain. So when are you going to start working on the Linux port? :wink:


Hi tomas!

The game needs at least a 4 core processor. What works better: a very fast 4 core CPU or averaged 8 core CPU? Or should I buy a 16 core CPU for best performance? :slight_smile:

Are all cores dynamically balanced or are some threads fixed on one core(maybe the AI system)?

Does WH have Ryzen CPU systems for testing? How is the game performance compared to Intel (normally the Cryengine works good with a Ryzen CPU)? Will there be extra optimization for Ryzen?

How big is the performance differance between 8GB and 16GB RAM?

The AI system is the biggest bottleneck for the performance and the fps. What´s the limit? How many NPC can be show (view field) on X1 or PS4 with more then 30 fps (for the big battles)?

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Well, one serious question for Tomáš :smiley:
"17) If you could say something to the fans of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, what would it be?
If you have ever wanted to be a game developer, go now and start working in the nearest gaming company. It is now much easier to join the industry than you might think."

I’m looking to be a developer but there are no game developing studios around here, how serious can this be while driving from 100km distant city to Prague? :smiley: Btw looks like you’ve got into right company, držim ti palce!

To reply on Tomáš :slight_smile:
"So what are you going to do? :slight_smile: "
With commuting? For now I hope to work in city I live in :smiley: However question of daily commuting to Prague is still open, in case something goes wrong here.
Or do you mean job I aim for? :slight_smile: Right now I hope in some frontend development, due to lack of skills in core programming (C++, C#, Python etc…). Long story short, I thought making money fast is better than university studies, so I quit and today I regret :slight_smile:

Please contact us via jobs@warhorsestudios.cz, even if none of the descriptions here matches your skills…




Now it is time to ask questions to our 2D Artist Pavel Beskeyd


And now you can ask questions to our Scripter Tereza “Fura” Semecká

Hi Tereza,

I think this is nearly impossible to make this working AND fun.
From the beta: Fighting in the night/dark is a waste of time, because you die. I tried two times the battle in the night , no chance… after 5 seconds I lost the orientation and didn´t find the battleground before the end. :smile:

This quest can only work if it is very limited and liniear, Or with nightvision… how does it work???

Will you make a MOD or DLC where Henry is a female druid? :slight_smile:

What was the reason for the wrong animation? Wrong database?

When starting a new quest, is there an extra savepoint (automatic)?

Which is your favorite quest? One of your own designed? Or is there another one,… which is the best?

Do you have pets?

What´s the next step? Any plans?

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You mentioned that you also working at new quests.
Are those new quests for planned DLCs or for the main game?

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