Weekly Torch - the barrel of questions

Are the AI routines written in such a way that they are compatible with improved timescaling (I prefer timeflow close to real time, and this is especially true when the landscape scales are 1:1)?

A setting or mod that I would look to use very near to the release would be a time flow one to set to 1:1 (normal map scaling) or 2:1 (at most (based on scaling from Rataje to Silver Skaltiz)), rather than the faster flows of the existing Beta (15:1), but if the AI behaviour is tied to scaling improperly then this becomes more difficult.

Some of this may already be changed, with the new time of day/skybox changes, but we have no details on that other than the real ‘Spring 1403’ sky configuration and an appropriate day/night split.

Now you can ask questions to our Scripter/Designer Jan “Smejki” Smejkal

Hi Jan,

Going from a programmer to a rookie designer wasn’t ideal but it was also tempting, so I didn’t reject the offer.

You have work 2 years as a desinger and 1 year as a scripter at Warhorse, and worked before as a programmer. Is work as a programmer the next step at WH?

Or are you happy to script all the crazy stuff? :slight_smile:

Which games are played at the partys?

Is it the quest “neuhof_colliers”(pictures)? How long will it take to finish your current quest?

Can we expect a mod “bohemia wasteland” from you, after the release of the KCD?
With zombies/ghouls?
Or is WH working on something like that (DLC maybe)? Something like “Undead Nightmare” in RDR… :wink:

After the last main quest, is the game finished or can we play onwards and discover the world, make sidequests?
I think most of the players don´t want a hard ending in a open world game (like in Fallout3)…

Maybe my translation is not correct,…

where the next part of KCD is to be situated

do you talk about KCD2???

In which part of Prague are you born, and spent a third of your life, exactly? :slight_smile:

I see the reply that was given to the timeflow question but I’m not sure if the reply is reflecting the same idea as the question.

In the Beta I can set the t_scale to 0.07, which approximates real time flow, but everything in the engine also slows to this lower rate.

What I want specifically is a 24 hour day, running in approximately real time, with normal flow of time for player and AI entities, but with longer periods of ‘repeats’ of behaviours (where appropriate), such as chopping logs, working in the fields, eating etc, not merely s t r e t c h i n g out the current day cycle over a longer period of slower activity for player and AI.

These are just different variables with confused and confusing names. One (called time scale) sets the speed of game(program) time. If you set it below 1, everything, including animations will be slower. If you set it above 1 everything gets faster. The other variable (called time speed) sets the ratio of game-world-time to real-world-time. If you set it to 15 (which is what we have now) then 1 real-world hour spent in the game will result in simulation of 15 hours of the in-game daycycle. If you set it to 1, the game day simulation would match real world timeflow. If you set it to 0.5 the game day will take 48 real world hour to complete. As it was stated our simulation is really ready for nearly any time speed.

Fun fact: We implemented proper simulation of sun traversal across the sky based on date and geographical position. So, if you set the time speed to 1, move to central Europe, and start playing at the exact time the in-game clock match yours, then movement of the in-game sun across the game-sky should be in total sync with movement of the real sun.


Is this console cmd available in the beta, as t_speed is not recognised? Is this the proper name for it, and/or is the function exposed?

t_scale allows the slow motion/real time version. This differs from e.g p_gravity_z which is exposed but always returns 9.81 whatever value is passed in.

It seems to be e_timeOfDaySpeed. I’m not sure if it’s exposed, if you can change it in runtime, or if changing it in runtime doesn’t break some stuff. Let us know if it worked and how :smiley:

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It exists, but has a value of 0 which cannot be changed.

There is at the menu (for the TOD value context) and from “?timeof”:
e_TimeOfDay = 7.3 []
e_TimeOfDayDebug = 2 []
e_TimeOfDaySpeed = 0 []
sv_timeofdayenable = 0 [DUMPTODISK]
sv_timeofdaylength = 1 [DUMPTODISK]
sv_timeofdaystart = 12 [DUMPTODISK]

None of the e_* values can be changed, and I noticed no difference from experimenting with variations on the sv_ ones even with a restart.

Well, then try putting them to .cfg file. Your last resort.

Does the same hold true for the night sky?

there is no sun in the night sky, silly

You are wrong. The sun is just on the other side of the Ear… level.


Now as the next Weekly Torch is up, you can ask questions to our Environment Artist Jakub Rous

Why didn’t Vávra answer the questions yet?


How can you prefer Tteok-bokki over dolsot bibimbap? That borders on heresy … :wink:

Yeah! Why?! @Hellboy

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Questions from Diego Miguel O Faustiono on Facebook:
How “interactive” can the environment be? Does the grass move as you move across it? Does the wind blow in different directions? Will there be, let’s say, Rain and storms and such? If I strike a tree will it leave a mark?


Is this correct?
To get more frames, the only way is to lower something. To lower the details, the number of objects, or the textures.
Can you describe exactly how do you optimize the grafic?

Does the game work better with 4 fast cores or with 8 (not so fast) cores?

Does WH have the new Ryzen CPU for testing the game?


Now it is time to answer questions to our designer Prokop Jirsa:

Regarding the quests, it’s always nice if there are multiple solutions, so good to hear that. How do they affect the outcome, though? Will there be different rewards, or even some things that carry over into other quests or areas of the game, depending on the chosen solution?

Also, are the different solutions geared towards the different types of character we can play (warrior, rogue, bard - or whatever those “classes” turned into by now), or are they more organic and independent of play-style?