Weekly Torch - the barrel of questions

What can we expect from the PS4 Pro enhancement?

Will the content available during the PS4 pre-loading also be included with the PC and XB1 versions?

Hello Michal,

Now I understand why the first quest(start in Silver Scalice) is designed this way,… als a closed level. But if you hurry, you can finish it in 5 minutes. How will you bound the player, for 1 hour, in this zone?

How many percent of the TCR/TRC are ready? How many additional months do you need to finish the list?

How many Dev-Kits has WH?

Who makes the same job for the Xbox1?

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Hi there,

1: How far will you support PS4 VR?
2. Will the achievements be visually represented ingame or will it just be a lousy popup. I know that TCRs require you to provide achievements for proceeding in the game.
3. Will you provide controller key rebinding
4. What is your modding strategy for consoles?
5. I hope that you will not cope with memory limitation by showing disappearing objects,

Thank you very much

I would like to ask, what is the best and the worst thing (in technical way) on PS4? Thanks and good luck.

Good Afternoon my name is Caleb White. I’m asking if there’s gonna be a possibility of Pre-Ordering the game for Ps4? Thank You

Disregard in case I am late with my questions:
Do you have Scorpio dev kit in the office?
For what reasons did you choose cry-engine over others?
What graphic card would you choose to enjoy KCD at 1080p on very high settings?
What other features were you programming except dialog system?

Now you can ask questions for our Scripter Alisa Zavodina, don´t be shy :slight_smile:

Were you living in Czechia before you got hired by WH or you moved here because of the job?

Hello! Will there be a board game of the Middle Ages in the game, it would be atmospheric to sit in such a beautiful world to play chess for example, it would add replay value to the game. If in this act there is no table game will there be in the following acts, after all, as far as we know, there will be only 3 acts? Thank you. (Google translator)

Backgammon is in. Not sure if there are any others.

You can also scatter the Easter eggs in the form of coins of that time period of Europe of the Roman and Russian empires (one coin) all over the map. After the passage of quests it would be interesting to explore the world, it would also increase the replay value of the game. Probably technically it’s not difficult. Thank you)

Hello Alisa,

have you played the Alpha/Beta before you started at WH?

We have more than 1500 NPC(without animals) in the game. Is this correct?

How many different jobs do the NPC have? Fisher, trader, farmer, monk, soldier, noble, bandit, cuman, (black)smith, innkeeper,… what more?

I’m involved in livening up the game world,

Can Henry play dice?
Can we expect some random quests like hunting somebody/something for money?
Will there be archievments like find 100 coins on the map?

Will the story explain why Henry can´t blacksmithing?

Can the cuman/soldiers fight from the horseback?

What does the sheep in Henrys bed??? (picture in your interview)

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And now you can ask your questions to our tester Petr “Hudy” Hudeček

There is of course a less fancy name for it.<

What´s the name? :slight_smile:

I know what I would love to do: design the whole concept of the game<

Okay, looks like you want to be Daniel Vavra,…and do his job. Is he a big idol?
What would you do different?

Will we see a new gameplay demo? Or only a video? A release date? Everyone is hungry for new info.

Have you played the alpha/beta before you started to work for WH?

What was your greatest disappointment at Warhorsestudio?

After release of the game: Will you make mods for KCD?


hello Hudy

does the office come to a standstill like when big D Vara walks through in a hangover grump after a night of doing QC on the warhorse beers? is it like a scene from star wars and he Vadar?

Is this why you are called Hudy? because you keep your Hud up to stay out of his peripheral.

I liked the bit you mentioned about sneaking through peoples property sounds interesting. will there be dogs barking that you may need to kill/ throw some meat laced with sleepy potion to avoid alerting some property owners? is the idea of killing dogs in the game frowned upon but opening a property owners throat not given a second thought :smiley:

who’s hand would you rather shake Hillary Clintons cold corporate blood stained hands? or Donald trumps tiny T Rex hands?

Do you like Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

A lot of people would envy your job. does this give you extra swag.

If light from the sun is the main fuse through which life explodes in a given solar system. would you agree we are all essentially stardust and when we die the white light often referred to when someone has a near death experience is their soul or life force returning to the sun at light speed.

warhorse seems from the outside perspective or my opinion to be a studio of gamers for gamers making a game they would actually like to play or bought if they were just gaming. is this the feeling attached to the people working inside. or does it become just a job. if you get me.


Hail Hudy!
What testing method so you use for a game this scope?
Do you always use test-cases, or ad-hoc also necessary and often used?

Now you can ask questions to Jan “Bodkin” Němec from our design team.

Are the faces of the characters, well the common npc’s at least, final? Something feels off about them.
The enviroments look great, but then the npc with a blank face just walks through.

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True, those people do not fit the environment.