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Hello! I do numismatics, it would be good if the game introduced Easter eggs in the form of finding coins scattered throughout the map. This would give the game even more interest, it would be something to do after the completion of the main quests, this would increase the game’s replay value. Coins could be introduced that time period throughout Europe. I think it’s not difficult in the implementation and there is still a lot of time before the release of the game.
Thank you! (Google Translate)


Hi Tobi,

is there a story behind your (new) beard? A bet maybe,… or do you just want to look more serious? :wink:
(Just everything for the job…)

Was it hard to start as a “nobody” with a new studio and an unfinished product? What has changed in the last 3 years? Is it now easy(ier) to get attention at journalist/game magazin?

Everyone wants more information about the game; much more than you can give. I wounder how you stay always so cool and friendly. Have you a trick? :slight_smile:

Have you ever lied as the PR guy, or are you 100% trustful?

Is there a secret about the game, you want to share?

Was there a question from a journalist, which was surprisingly good/bad and unexpected?

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What is in the free breakfast?

Hi Tobi, should KCD and its sequel succeed, what will you guys do next? Since Warhorse was pretty much established to make KCD, is there a future beyond it? Also, what do you do when there is no PR event to prepare, or are you always preparing one?

Did your surrounding have an influence on you growing a beard? :slight_smile:

Did you receive any significant feedback after E3 previews?
Did it shift any of your priorities in final run to release date? (From videos+comments it seems that both facial and body animations - especially during conversations - are most criticized so far).
Are you overall satisfied with how E3 went?
Did you expect more/less covfefe from major websites?
Will there ever be linux/mac versions or are they scratched? (not that I personally care :D)


What was the one thing you wanted most in the game that was changed?

What do you like least about the game?

hello Tobi

blas mir ein. I believe this is your friendly German greeting ;D or so a German guy I was holding up at gunpoint in arma one time said to me.

I will first of congratulate you on a splendid job well done at E3. the hard work paid off.

Ok down to business. I know the gods have willed it this way… the question- was there reservations about releasing Kingdom Come Deliverance in the same possible time frame as Red Dead Redemption 2? I know you would be going up against some other game at some stage. but of all games I would go against this particular one would be top of my absolute fuck no no list.

Your story of how you came about working for warhorse was pretty damn good. somewhat stalkery :smiley: or ambitious it’s a grey area there. but forgivable considering the outcome. I gotta say it seems like a trend with the people at warhorse and their coming across the studio. is the studio like some Alice in wonderland? Dan falling down the hole and gathering a ragtag bunch of misfits along the way or is he the smoking caterpillar? just remember what the door mouse said…

I want to make a suggestion. now you have the noice beard. I think it’s time to rock the suspenders with the shirt look. take that shit to the next level. you can hold out of them when you are having profound ideas. now I know a belt has its advantages in battle. you can wrap it around your fist for that mean business look but with the suspenders you can take the shoulder straps off and let dangle when you are rolling up your sleeves for some fistycuffs. looks quite bad ass and much more gentleman like when kicking ass.

you said you like to be critical of the game when warming up for a presentation. I guess like a worst case scenario. know your games flaws to own them type thing. it is a good tactic. Sun Tzu agrees. was there any huge f ups at E3 worth noting? .

You said were unhappy with your voice acting. yes it may not be up to Daniel Day Lewis level but don’t beat yourself up. the dire unenthusiastic American voice acting well distracts from it.

Ok Monday morning hangover so enough of this procrastination. good luck with the game.

Hello Tobi,

what would you like for your birthday, dear friend?



Now you can ask questions to our Environment Artist Anna Pačesová. But please note, I will be on vacation next week, so it will take a bit longer than usual, till this questions will be answered. :slight_smile:

Hello, please do a search for coins scattered on the map, coins of Europe at that time. Also, that the coins were all different. Thank you!

What type of wildlife can we expect to see out in the wilderness environments?




Which would you choose: frozen grapes or ice cream?

Hi @Anna ,
I saw your test level on YouTube and expect great things in the game.:blush:
Have we different sounds in the environment when it rains, or is it the same like on sunny days?
You are limited to the assets of the game. I hate it if they are repeatedly used. For example the red and yellow clothes on the lines (in the first quest!!). Once you “discovered” such a thing , it’s everywhere… It would help if the colors were different!!!
Do you crosscheck the work of your coworkers for this kind of “bug”?
Your dices look nice! How many different sets do we have in the game?
Have you worked also on the look of the real dices of KCD? ( I have a set :grin:) They are great!
Plan for the future?

Now you can ask questions to our tester Vaclav “Wenceslaus” Fliegel

The T-34 is the best tank ever, agreed? :wink:


What would you say is the funniest bug that you’ve come across during testing?

Are there any bugs that have resulted in new ideas and features being added to the game?


Tell the true… you just play the game for having fun. :slight_smile:

Bow: Is this a bug, if nobody cares, when shooting the bow and missing (a NPC). In reality everybody would try to hide (also animals) if somebody shoots on them. After hitting they are alarmed. That´s to late…

Shooting with an arrow to the head: If the NPC has no head protection he ist (mostly) dead. But if he wears a helmet he is protected, no matter if you hit him into the face (without visor/unprotected). Not realistic!! Will this change till release? Only the really protected part of the head should be save!

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Now you can ask questions to our designer David Horák