Weekly Torch - the barrel of questions

What type of wildlife can we expect to see out in the wilderness environments?




Which would you choose: frozen grapes or ice cream?

Hi @Anna ,
I saw your test level on YouTube and expect great things in the game.:blush:
Have we different sounds in the environment when it rains, or is it the same like on sunny days?
You are limited to the assets of the game. I hate it if they are repeatedly used. For example the red and yellow clothes on the lines (in the first quest!!). Once you “discovered” such a thing , it’s everywhere… It would help if the colors were different!!!
Do you crosscheck the work of your coworkers for this kind of “bug”?
Your dices look nice! How many different sets do we have in the game?
Have you worked also on the look of the real dices of KCD? ( I have a set :grin:) They are great!
Plan for the future?

Now you can ask questions to our tester Vaclav “Wenceslaus” Fliegel

The T-34 is the best tank ever, agreed? :wink:


What would you say is the funniest bug that you’ve come across during testing?

Are there any bugs that have resulted in new ideas and features being added to the game?


Tell the true… you just play the game for having fun. :slight_smile:

Bow: Is this a bug, if nobody cares, when shooting the bow and missing (a NPC). In reality everybody would try to hide (also animals) if somebody shoots on them. After hitting they are alarmed. That´s to late…

Shooting with an arrow to the head: If the NPC has no head protection he ist (mostly) dead. But if he wears a helmet he is protected, no matter if you hit him into the face (without visor/unprotected). Not realistic!! Will this change till release? Only the really protected part of the head should be save!

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Now you can ask questions to our designer David Horák

Hi David,

what´s the difference between WH and a corporate company?

You joined WH late. What was the reason you don´t started from the beginning(founding of WH)?

I always try to do things different. :slight_smile:
Some questions about the first Quest in KCD:
Is it possible to run away if you fight with Kunesch? Do you lose or win(if you run away)?
Can I hit Kunesch and run next to another NPC(using the NPC as a “shield”)? If Kunsch fights against me and hits another NPC, does the guard come and arrest him? What are the consequences for my money quest?
If Kunesch follows me (fighting), does the cutsceen start at the tavern (with the Deutsch)? Does Kunesch wait till the cutsceen is over, or does he attack me nevertheless?

Holy shit, you are vile… :smiley:

Now you can ask questions to Daniel Mikeš

Hi Daniel,

YMMD :slight_smile:
How many have you invested at kickstarter? 10000?

Was it that easy? Just say: It´s me… where is my PC? Now we are doing the really cool stuff… :wink:
You have finished the University as a…?
Have you worked before on Videogames? Maybe on MODs?

Wait a moment,…what the hell… WH had downgraded your nose. Why???
Which nose do you like more? Yours or Mathews?
Have you punshed the face designer on his nose? :smile:

But, but… he will die after the start of the invasion, or not?

unique artifact = wife and kids???
don’t save on potions…=…??? You have sold your potions, and now you are NOT married??? :point_up:

Back to the game… how many different leisures have the NPCs? On the pictures I see walking, fishing, and pub.

If a NPC goes later to bed (maybe he had trouble in the pub), does he sleep longer in the morning?

Looks like the beta quests(sick bastard, lostkey, losthammer,…) from Samopesh are included. Have you worked on them?
Which quest do you like most?

Now it´s time to ask questions to our character artist Michal Hoz.

Hi Michal,
You wrote that:

We are now after the content lock, so pretty much all the assets are already done.

Does this mean that changes in the model will not be made in the future?

And what about Scabbards for everyone and slings for shields. According to
Joanna Nowak

There will be scabbards and straps, no worries :slight_smile:

Are the scabbards ready or not after the content-lock?

Moreover does this mean, that the bows will always be glued retarted to the back as in beta-times or will they be held over the body and shoulder like this http://gamenewz.de/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/tombraider.jpg

Hello Michal,
great work! I like the assets.

I think this is a ton of work. Do you need to optimize every possible combination of the clothing? Or have you a automatic tool which improves all pieces with the same form/shape?

The weakest point is, if the NPC (or Henry) moves and parts glich out. If the animators build in a new movement/amimation, do you start from the beginning and test every part again?

I think sitting on a bench (the NPCs) is very frustrating, because of the big number of possible gliches.
What kind of tricks do you use to motivate yourself and what kind of tricks do you use to optimize the result? :slight_smile:

Looks like the layer system with the morphing is very time consuming and buggy. I think now it´s to late to change, but wouldn´t be a fixed combination of parts the better choice and in the end less work?

How much possible combination (all together) of clothing are now in the game?

What do you thing about (the coming) Blade Runner 2049?

Here you can ask questions to our Programmer Gábor “Cuman” Molnár now.

Hi Gabor,

have you a devkit for the Xbox one X? Can you show us some pictures in action?

Will the X0X be able to play KCD in 4k? Or only FHD in 60FPS?

Is this a X1 only feature or is it used for PS4 and PC too?
Do you mean disable physics or really remove? If you remove the physics of objects for streaming, how do you get it back?

Tell us more about performace optimization! Are the actual game builds ready for 30FPS or do you need more tricks to succeed? What´s the botteneck? Grafic, AI or memory in general?

Do we have a real jail in the game? Or do you only lower the stats, like in the beta?


Hmm, sounds like you work for WH just for fun, … because you know enough bugs in the firmware of the slot maschines… :wink:

I am also interested in official answer, but they said during stream that jail is not yet in beta but is planned for final game, I guess it is pretty clear. What I am interested in is, how will you spend your time there, is jail break possible?