Weekly Torch - the barrel of questions

Today it´s Petr Smrček birthday! As a gift you could ask nice questions to his torch:


Hello Petr!
First… happy birthday…! :slight_smile:

How many level are there? Only two (full AI/animation, etc and reduced) or are there more different levels? Do you have a LOD only for big battles?

How many NPC with max. LOD can be handled on X1 or PS4(on the picture are around 40)? Will you “cheat” on big battles with backround animation or other stuff? Which tricks do you use to rise the amount of NPC in the surrounding of Henry? Are only the NPC in front of Henry (view field) animated?

Can we adjust the NPC LOD and the distance to switch by menue/console comand (for more powerful PCs) like the grafic?

Will there be a different number of NPCs (better PC -> more NPCs)?

Looks like this is a weak point in the pathfinding. NPC don´t register Henry or other NPC in a distance and correct their way; just a little (to the side), to pass without running into another. Or the do in the last moment a 90° turn, which looks also weird…
If they run into Henry they blame him and do not excuse herself. Will we hear excuses from the NPC if Henry looks like a badass…? :smile: Will Henry excuse (automatically) if he runs into someone?
Will there be a No-go zone around Henry for other NPCs if he is in dialoge with someone (like in Wither3)?> look at:

Will we hear commands to regroup before the NPCs do this? Are we part of the formation, and only if we are in the right position it will work and we will survive? At the moment it looks like we can do what we want, but in a real combat situation it´s different. Everyone has to do his job and all must work together…

Yes, but if you don´t try something new, their is no progress. Maybe not every feature will be my tasty, but it´s cool to test it. :slight_smile:


Now you can questions to our tester Peter Novák

No, please, it 's disgusting. Do not put creatures into the game. Make it real

Was the recently released trailer “born from ashes” rushed for any reason??? Or was it made and properly tested?

Everything they do now is rushed. People working till the night and a lot of polishing. They want to stick with the dates.

I will answer here. Yes it was, this trailer was not in the schedule, and we quickly had to make one beside the regular work. So it is not up to the quality which we wanted to have in the first place.


Going from the feedback and my own personal opinion about it . It seems it was pretty much shooting yourself in the foot. Nothing good ever comes from anything rushed.

Which is a shame because yous were on a good roll pr wise.

For me I know what the games about. I took the time to watch dev diarys. So I don’t need convincing it is a good investment.

This trailer for someone who is only finding the game. Will not convince them that it is a good investment probably the opposite.

If I was master and commander. My advice. Double your efforts for gamescom. because now you want to blow that rushed trailer outta the water.

Apologies for off topic.


Now you can ask questions for Christian “Dr.Fusselpulli” Piontek.

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I just wanted to say I’ve greatly enjoy all the discussions and debates we’ve had in that one secret place. Will you return to that secret place anytime soon, and what is your favorite memory on this forum?

Cheers you filthy commie. :wink:

Hello Chris,

welcome back from the Gamescom! :slight_smile:

Tell us, was the gamescom a success?
How many people visited your booth, and tested the game?
There is much feedback from the gamers. Is WH abel to listen to their sugestions and make changes (till release)?
Which feature they love, and which do they hate?
Reading the comments (of the gamescom videos); there are many people happy with the progress of the game, but there is also (constuctive) critic…about the animations and transitions between them. They expect WH have to improve this issues(looking stiff and robotic). Do you think this is possible?

How realistic is archery in KCD?

Will WH be on the Games Week in Paris (with your booth)? Will you be there?

Will you continue with the Weekly Torch after release?

How good is your Czech after 2 years?

Congratulations and welcomeback, post it on twitter!

Any aspect you consider hard in your job?

Now you can ask questions to our Art Director Mikuláš “Miki” Podprocký.

Hi Miki,
first… NICE WORK!!!

Your art design looks unique and incredible.

Is it correct to say that KCD has a much bigger part of art than other commercial games?
How many people work direct under your direction now (and 2014)?
When your started at WH, have been the rules of design mostly set in stone? Or is this “look” grown with the time?
Is it a probleme, not to have much freedom, because it should be historic accurate?
Are the art books(kickstarter backer) ready? Can you show us some pages?

First of all, great job!
Second, how do you organize your ideas in order to choose the best design leaving the rest of them just like “drafs”?
was there any special idea that you had to forget because it was already too late or it was too complicated to implement?

Hi Miki,

great Map Design, I really love it.
Here are my questions :slight_smile:

  1. Are you also responsible for coordinating the maintanance of quality standards of models?
  2. If yes, how is the progress of implementing scabbards. In some sequences models have them but in the actual game no model has them :frowning:
    3, The bows are still glued to the model and not placed alongside the shoulders, when this will change?
  3. Shields still do not have any straps on them and are glued on the models, when will this change?
  4. Are there any animations of page changing, when the character reads a codex? There is already an animation when Henry reads through the herbal guide.
  5. Will there be animations when Henry will receive weapons, that he bought from persons and will there be looting animations, where we see how Henry takes the item without being a generic animation?

Again, Very Good work with the interface, thank you very much :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your questions. I am already on it, so you should get the answers on the missing answers soon. They are not forgotten!

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Now you can ask Questions to our Scripter Martin Labut`

Hello Martin,

That sounds interessting. Can you explain how it works? Give us some example for events.

Can the player sleep outside without a bed? In a kind of sleeping bag?

Which games do you waiting for? Coming out this year!

Will you make mods for KCD? Which one?

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Is there any encounter that you consider special?
Maybe inspired in something you lived?

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