Weekly Torch - the barrel of questions

Hi Miki,
first… NICE WORK!!!

Your art design looks unique and incredible.

Is it correct to say that KCD has a much bigger part of art than other commercial games?
How many people work direct under your direction now (and 2014)?
When your started at WH, have been the rules of design mostly set in stone? Or is this “look” grown with the time?
Is it a probleme, not to have much freedom, because it should be historic accurate?
Are the art books(kickstarter backer) ready? Can you show us some pages?

First of all, great job!
Second, how do you organize your ideas in order to choose the best design leaving the rest of them just like “drafs”?
was there any special idea that you had to forget because it was already too late or it was too complicated to implement?

Hi Miki,

great Map Design, I really love it.
Here are my questions :slight_smile:

  1. Are you also responsible for coordinating the maintanance of quality standards of models?
  2. If yes, how is the progress of implementing scabbards. In some sequences models have them but in the actual game no model has them :frowning:
    3, The bows are still glued to the model and not placed alongside the shoulders, when this will change?
  3. Shields still do not have any straps on them and are glued on the models, when will this change?
  4. Are there any animations of page changing, when the character reads a codex? There is already an animation when Henry reads through the herbal guide.
  5. Will there be animations when Henry will receive weapons, that he bought from persons and will there be looting animations, where we see how Henry takes the item without being a generic animation?

Again, Very Good work with the interface, thank you very much :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your questions. I am already on it, so you should get the answers on the missing answers soon. They are not forgotten!

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Now you can ask Questions to our Scripter Martin Labut`

Hello Martin,

That sounds interessting. Can you explain how it works? Give us some example for events.

Can the player sleep outside without a bed? In a kind of sleeping bag?

Which games do you waiting for? Coming out this year!

Will you make mods for KCD? Which one?

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Is there any encounter that you consider special?
Maybe inspired in something you lived?

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Now it is time to answer questions to our Environment Artist Jan “Honza” Kudrnáč


i seem to have done something , something time cannot erase.



First congratulations and thank you for your hard work!

I’ve read a lot of times your graphic design department is the darkest one, is there any reason for that?

and… what are the differences between creating DayZ environment and KCD environment ?

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Hello Jan,

That sounds not like a typical work for an enviroment artist. Can you explain the backround? Are you serching for performance bottlenecks?

Which part/piece of the enviroment have you designed, and you are proud of it?

After years of work now it comes to an end. Can you describe the difference between the work at the beginning and now?

Will you play KCD after release? Which style will you use? Warrior or stealth?

Your artstation projekt is made with Unreal engine. Whats the reason not using Cryengine?

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Now you can ask questions to our Voice Editor Matouš Verner:

Now you can ask our tester Darina “Vladimirovna” Polevyk questions here about her interview in the Weekly Torch.

Hello Matouš,

thank you for taking time out to answer what are going to be strange “sometimes” confusing questions . you’ll probably ask yourself how , did somebody take a wrong turn to the bathroom? how else did i end up with this crap on my desk. what did i do to deserve this. well let me tell you Matouš. what you did was get yourself a job at warwhores making an epic game that has attracted the attention of a grade A sum o a bish… don’t blame yourself or warhorse blame my countries strict abortion laws which meant mistake or not i was gonna burden you with questiosn Matouš. stupid nonsensical questions.

you said you like some rock. have you listened to much Queens Of The Stone Age? https://youtu.be/iFca32_7YUU
if not. pop some headphones on because your ears do not know what orgasmic delights await. you probably have they are only a supergroup made up of other awesome band members.

Were there any collusion from you guys after the gamescon 2017 success winning that award. to send tobi a soundbite of his lines as he collected the award. “what the fuck do you think yous are doing , whoresons. I’ll smack those smiles off your faces”.

Is whoresons a possible new title name for a brand of kdc beers? “get another whoreson into you”? no ? i feel it catching on . .

this guy likes to play two instruments at once while singing https://youtu.be/sD72LbIk02M. perhaps when you get your instruments together you can also be a one man band. have you thought about why it is you jump from instrument to instrument? the reasoning behind this you may find it interesting.

good luck with the renovations on your kitchen. by which i mean nodding your head in approval of anything your partner has suggested.

p.s thank you to DrFuss for having the arduous task of delivering my questions. it was awful tempting to just flush them down the crapper.

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Hello Darina,
nice pictures from IgroMir.
Do you had a newer build of the game, or the same like at the Gamescom?
How many people visited the booth and tested the game?
Has someone found a unknown bug at this time?:slight_smile:
Do you have a intern bug list with prioritys? Are there any critical bugs left?
Which is the funniest quest you habe played?
Is it a goal to work as a scripter, and design quests?
What music do you like?
Your favorite book?

How many woman work at Warhorse at the moment?


Now you ask questions to our designer Jakub Guman

Will there be shadows in the game?


What platform do you play on?

Hello Jakub,
please give us more details about your work. :slight_smile:
How many quest have you designed?
Which one is the best? Why?
Show us some nice bugs!
How many bugs(in your quests) to fix till release?
Will you play the game at home?
Will you work on mods for the game? Which one?
Which feature would be cool, but you couldn´t make it on time?

What kind of new polishing tasks do you typically suggest nowadays, at this stage of the development?
Did you have to polish/change anything based on feedback (from focus groups or user feedback from E3/Gamescom)?
Do you have just one difficulty level, or do you have to balance your quests for more difficulty options? Do you consider new game+ mode at some point?
What inspires you?
Would you more or less be able to script quest yourself in your internal scripting tool?
Did you have to throw a lot of ideas because they were impossible to implement/why?

I which your morale stays up. This must be the most difficult, but very important period. I hope it comes together well!