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Welcome to the questions and discussion corner of the Warhorse Studios Weekly Torch, where you will find an interview with one Warhorse Studio member every Friday.
If you want to know more about the team or the development of Kingdom Come Deliverance you’ve come to the right place. Feel free to ask your questions for the development team here. We will collect the best questions every week and ask the interviewed Warhorsian again. Enjoy.

The first interview comes from our 3D Lead Artist Jakub “Kuba” Holik, what do you want to know about him or his work?

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1# Jakub “Kuba” Holik, 3D Lead Artist
2# Ondřej “Bít’a” Bittner, Designer
3# Tomáš “Vegeta” Plch, AI Programmer
4# Marek “Hitman” Černý, Quality Assurance
5# Martin “Athert” Antoš, Scripter
6# Adam J. Sporka, Adaptive Music Designer
7# David „Yeenke“ Jankes, Senior Character Artist
8# David Sarkisjan, Animator
9# Petr “Pepe” Pekař, Cinematic Designer
10# Josef “Pepa” Vítek, Marketing Manager
11# Gabrielle “Brie” Adams, Environment Artist
12# Petr “Baz” Ondráček, Senior Technical Designer
13# Václav Prchlík, Video Editor
14# Prokop “Proky” Filcík, Quality Assurance
15# Tomáš Duchek, Concept Artist
16# Tomáš Kozlik, Senior Animator
17# Daniel Vávra, Creative Director
18# Vojtech “Vojta” Nedved, Sound Designer
19# Michal “Mikee” Hapala, Senior Programmer
20# Joukejan “Jouke” Timmermans, Environment Artist
21# Jaroslav “Jantoš” Antoš, Quality Assurance
22# Joanna “Asia” Nowak, Historical Consultant
23# Silvia Wipfler, German Translator
24# Martin “Ziggi” Ziegler, Technical Designer
25# Luke Dale, Actor
26# Viktor Podhájecký, AI Programmer
27# Jan “Smejki” Smejkal, Scripter/Designer
28# Jakub Rous, Environment Artist
29# Prokop Jirsa, Designer
30# Tomáš “Bary” Barák, Programmer
31# Pavel Beskeyd, 2D Artist
32# Tereza “Fura” Semecká, Scripter
33# Luboš Suk, Quality Assurance
34# Martin “Šouris” Šourek, Tool Programmer
35# Jiří “J.R.” Rýdl, Marketing Manager
36# Conor Doyle, Animator
37# Michal Bartoň, Senior Programmer
38# Alisa Zavodina, Scripter
39# Petr “Hudy” Hudeček, Quality Assurance
40# Jan “Bodkin” Němec, Designer
41# Karel “pan Tau” Taufman, Animator
42# Martin Klekner, Lead Cinematic Designer
43# Tobias “Tobi” Stolz-Zwilling, PR Manager
44# Anna Pačesová,Environment Artist
45# Vaclav “Wenceslaus” Fliegel, Quality Assurance
46# David Horák, Designer
47# Daniel Mikeš, Technical Designer
48# Michal Hoz, Character Artist
49# Gábor “Cuman” Molnár, Programmer
50# Petr Smrček, AI Programmer
51# Peter Novák, Quality Assurance
52# Christian “Dr. Fusselpulli” Piontek, Community Manager
53# Mikuláš “Miki” Podprocký, Art Director
54# Martin Labut`, Scripter
55# Jan “Honza” Kudrnáč, Environment Artist
56# Matouš Verner, Voice Editor
57# Darina “Vladimirovna” Polevyk, Quality Assurance
58# Jakub Guman, Designer
59# Dominik Roháček, Programmer
60# Jasmin Mastnak, International Marketing Manager
61# Samuel “Samy” Clarisse, French Translator
62# John Comer, Designer
63# Jan Milík, Programmer
64# Melissa Fionda, Character Artist
65# Petr Malác, Scripter
66# Rick Lagnese, Community Manager
67# Jan “Detective” Rücker, Quality Assurance
68# Viktor Bocan, Design Lead
69# Jan Valta, Music Composer
70# Henrieta Vajsabelova, Environment Artist
71# Martin Strnad, Designer
72# Ondřej Stuchl, Quality Assurance
73# Josef Vachek, Scripter
74# Ondřej Štorek, Programmer
75# Tomáš “Woody” Blaho, Lead Programmer
76# Martin Klíma, Executive Producer


So bushes will be a obstacle in the final game? Like this.

If it isn’t a spoiler, what idea for KCD was the best, funniest and/or craziest in your opinion, that you and your team has to make come true for KCD?


Hi Waldkauz, yes the bushes will indeed be obstacles. At least their centers.

As for the funniest idea… it actually came from one of you guys and it was so good that we had to implement it. It’s a special saving token. I don’t wanna spoil it completely, so you’ll have to wait to find out what is :wink:


Great initiative, dear @warhorse team! I’m really looking to get back in touch after the long silence. Way to go! :slight_smile:


Weather looks great so far! Is fog planned to be a part of the weather system? Or maybe even dust from the fields/roads? A proper ‘volumetric’ appearing fog could make wonders for setting the atmosphere should the need arise in the story. I don’t know why but having some fake-ish particles in the air often makes the environment in games even more believable (though there are those who hate these effects :slight_smile: ).


In the beta are only some objects interactive.
For example: Some food/coins/dish are only for decoration. It´s not possible to grab/eat them.
Will the finale game have more (maybe all) useable items?
What´s with the performance? Do you have to make compromises with the (interactive) objects?

How will you improve the clothing system with/for collisions? There are many clippings with the layer system (itself) and other objects (like a sword). Is there a solution?


As @Feek already mentioned the weather effects seen already are very good. What about the performance of the engine? The trees sway gently in the wind now already. Would be a real Strom possible? Where the trees are severely bent by the wind back and forth? Or is the cryengine already at its limit?


Hi Feek, thanks, glad you like it.

As for the fog, it’s already in beta. At least the very basic depth based fog. That said our current build uses the volumetric fog and it looks great, but it has some issues so I can’t make a promise it will make it to the final version. My guess is there’s about 80% chance it will work on PC. On consoles we have to take into account the performance impact so it will be clearer after most of the optimizations are done. Luckily most of it is computed off the main thread, so there’s a chance.
Enabling and disabling certain particles is part of the weather system. It might be based on many different factors. It is already tested and we’re ready to create effects like dust lifting from the roads during hot days, water dripping from roofs while it’s raining or leaves falling off the trees when the wind is strong. It’s one of the last layers of polish we want to make.


Hi Blacksmith,

yeah, that’s on our heads. If you see a coin that you can use to pay for stuff, or a piece of bread that you could eat they should be pickable. When we are creating the level however, we’re mostly concerned with looks so it can happen that we put somewhere a non-interactive version of something. Rest assured we will deal with those trolling pieces of geometry. Some very real limits for the number of etities are truly there, but everything will be consistent. (Except maybe couple of quest specific interactions)

Regarding clothes I can’t really tell you anything, because it is between character artists and programmers.


Greetings Urquhart,

the performance is mostly unchanged during different weather conditions. When it starts raining the shaders gets a tad heavier, but that shouldn’t be much of an issue. The amount of tree bending has no effect on the performance. It’s only a matter of the stiffness of that particular tree type and the wind velocity. As it is now, the wind speed spans between 0 and about 16m/s. We’re in the middle of Europe in a country surrounded by mountains, on the other hand the turn of the 14. and 15. century was supposed to have pretty crazy weather, so I might make it a bit more extreme.


No F in way you really used my idea of some thematic tasty beverage as saving token?! If it really is what I think it is, this is my happiest day of my life! :smiley: (or close to top 5 atleast!)


I can neither confirm nor deny this. :slight_smile:


Now you can ask questions for our designer Ondřej “Bít’a” Bittner. :slight_smile:

How many percent of quests have you done?


Just a suggestion, wouldn’t it be better to create a new thread for every new “weekly torch” interview and let people comment and ask right below the interviews (and then simply edit the original post to add additional answers)? The way how you do it now is very disordered and confusing and I’m pretty sure a lot of people will miss those interesting interviews because of it. I almost didn’t notice that there is a new one.

I don´t think so, the Weekly torch is ordered by time, so you can read one interview after another and there is even an navigation on top of the thread. Not everyone wants to ask questions, but if you want to read the interviews you will find all of them in the same thread. First the interview, then the answers on the userquestions, then the next interview, and the answers on the userquestions again. In this case we will have 2 threads. If we would start a new thread for every interview, we would have soon a lot of threads and it would be difficult if you want to find the right one again.

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