Weekly Torch - the barrel of questions

Now you can ask questions to our french translator Samuel “Samy” Clarisse

Hello Samuel,
thank you for being part of this project. You sound so enthusiastic, which I really like!

Is the french voiceover ready, or is it just work in progress?
Which sounds better? The english or the french?
Have you visited Prag and the studio?
How is the feedback from the Paris Games Week and the shown french version of the game?
Do you only translate between english and french, or between more languages?
Will you play KCD after release?

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Now it is time to ask questions to our Designer and lead english writer John Comer

Hello John

I am a student of third grade in Prague college in graphic design course. Now i working on a thesis which talks about gaming topic and more detailed the title is: ‘‘Why people play games’’. For that i am researching on how game designers create an interesting mechanics, dynamics, aesthetics and narrative to make an Single player games. For that i have few questions and would be helpful if you would answer them thanks

How kingdom come was created how did it start?

What were designer aims and goals in creating this game?

How do you motivate the gamer to play the game, mechanics,dynamics or aesthetics?

Success and failures that happened in previous games?


The thing I’m most proud of unfortunately didn’t make it into the release :frowning: It’s a scene where Sir Hans Capon is trying to woo a girl by reciting poetry to her, and Henry is hiding in the bushes prompting him. There were three authentic medieval Czech poems, which I first translated normally (hard enough to retain the rhyme and meter), and then had to twist into “misheard lyrics”, so there are lines like:
To murderous wrath she gives birth,
Leaving no peace on this Earth.
To numerous brats she gives birth,
Leaving no peas for the serfs.

Not really a question, i just want to start a petition to get this into the game. :joy:


It says you’re a designer, did you make any quests or features? From what I can tell from you’re answers, you’re mostly doing translations and a lot of different other things.

Can’t wait to see the new video you have worked on, soon was it?

There are a lot of interesting questions for John Comer, and I will get back to him in the next week. For now, we are busy on the Game Developer Session in Prague, so stay tuned.

Please feel free to ask questions to our programmer Jan Milík

Hey as a fellow fan of the Jimquisiton I’m curious about how many topics you agree with Jim on and what those topics specifically are.

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Hey guys,

I don’t know what you think but it’ll be nice if there is a Weekly Torch about the composer/music.

Best regards
Duke Len von Geist :wink:


Is there some general software for implementing music into games?

I’am asking because I study film music and will have a video game music project in Summer 2018.

Best regards,
Duke Len von Geist :wink:

Hi Jan,

a few tools that helped to make it possible to have several tens of millions of vegetation in the game

Can you describe the tools a little?
Will the vegetation be destroyable?

how do you make vegetation destroyable? you mean like smooshing them under tour foot or tearing them from their roots? and what would that add to the game?

Fire can do

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Or something like an …axe…:blush:

You have horrible mentality guys… Everytime someoone shows you something nice, the first question usually is “Can I destroy it?” :smiley:
Thats why we can´t have nice things :smiley:


1: A collegue of yours said that you do not use destructible meshes. Could you please explain why?

2 : Do you have any information about modding possiblities
2:1: Which systems are defined as core and are non-modabble and which systems will be modable?

There will be a Torch about our composer Jan Valta for sure :slight_smile:

I update Jasmins and John´s answers to your community questions in the weekly torch.

Now you can ask questions to our character artist Melissa Fionda


First of all you are my personal hero. Really :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

You are doing a very important work to maintain the immersability of the game, nothing is more frustrating than a game which is very immersive and realistic and then floating swords or other weapons are popping out of the screen, BUT THANK GOD this will not happen now :slight_smile:

Some questions in my mind

1: How is the status 0f the scabbards :slight_smile:

1:1 Will all NPCs (and PC) have scabbards?

1:2 Will there be different colors and types of scabbard?

1:3 How many different Types are already in the game :slight_smile:

2: The latest build showed at least that everyone had scabbards, which was pretty awesome. However I noticed some small flaws

2:1 There were no scabbard suspensions, so the scabbards looked like they floated. However, in cutscenes some characters have scabbard suspensions.

2:1:1 Will all NPCs (and PC) have scabbard suspensions?

2:1:2 If yes how many types and colors are planned?

2:1:3 Will there be also suspensions for maces, hammers,…

2:2 The bandit took out a knife/dagger out of nowhere and after he killed his friend he put it back into nowhere.

2:2:1 Will daggers/knives have also scabbards?

2:2:2 Will all NPCs who have daggers/knives also have scabbards for them?

2:2:3: Will those scabbards have also suspensions?

2:3 A technical questions. After the bandit was defeated, the scabbard and sword simply disappeared in front of the camera. Will this bug be fixed and also for other objects as well like arrows?

  1. Are you also responsible for the alignment of the bows to the character models?
    3:1: Will the bows be aligned so, that they will be worn over the should and not perpendicular to the back?

Keep up the good work you are closing huge immersive gaps I am very thankful :slight_smile:

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