Weekly Torch - the barrel of questions

A fox as spirtiual animal. So I guess no fox hunts isn’t this somehow unbritish? :wink:

Beside kidding I would like to know did you noticed something about the historical background story before you heard about Warhorse and KCD?
How did you react or thought after you heared the story the first time?

If you had a chance to implement a femal playable character or a important (for the game expirience not necessarily a historical real character ) femal NPC into KDC what kind of character background would you create so the character fits into the gamesetting?

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Thanks you all for your efforts; for the game, the forum, its moderators and the “Weekly Torches”.

I can’t wait to play the finnished game!

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Hi there Melissa

unfortunately not all of the torch is productive . some of it is totally useless like kitten mittens. this is your kitten mittens right here.

First of all i’m a fan of the game Arma 3. so kudos on your work there. hope it was not too shabby.

the scabbard on your post looks nice. but looks like it might be too small for my sword and probably even damage it. are there different sizes? before someone says anything get your minds out the gutter. i probably could have worded this question better or even edit but then it would in fact be bastardised . as the tone down has been dutifully applied we can move along.

Ha I believe I recommended like Shakey Graves to one of your colleagues in the torch one week.you may like this . is in my opinion best version of this song and you may not have come across it. https://youtu.be/ubhF7_BbPjw . while you at it here some more tunes you may or may not like meh.
metronomy the look https://youtu.be/sFrNsSnk8GM
Eddy Current Suppression ring - Colour Television https://youtu.be/iTWoa5vkAoM
alt-J (∆) Breezeblocks -https://youtu.be/rVeMiVU77wo
QOTSA - I Appear Missing https://youtu.be/XvSUaCly0VQ

The Fox is a good shout. my favorites probably being fantastic Mr Fox or the one from the story the little prince he wise so he is. plus who doesn’t like James Franco with that stupid squint y eyed stoney smile . here he is playing the fox from the story might be worth a watch if you’re bored https://youtu.be/WPSONX3uFcs

hopefully there will be another kingdom come in the pipeline so you get to do your thing in a different era cough cough Japan cough vikings cough. that was my limp ass attempt to get things back on track. good job on the horse jackets. should be some really interesting mods for this.

anyway I have wasted enough of your time back to work peasant.

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Hi @melissa

A simple/weird question,

is there a personal mark, sign or something similar you use in your work?
I mean, something you place in a character in order to let people knw about your work in the game?


Now you can ask questions for our scripter Petr Malác

“Reading books on the toilet - the best feature ever, so realistic.”

LOL So true. :laughing:
But if you spend most of the time reading on the toilet where do you get good ideas for a story?

“The NPC’s logic in tavern is completely mine.” and
"I like solving problems with brute force."

Aha, so I guess you are also to blame for a story which includes a pup brawl.
Can Henry receive a broken nose?

Have you hidden a HUGE hammer/sword somewhere in the game as an easter egg for us Berserk/WH40K fans to find?

Can we turn off weather effects in game, like rain, fog or wind? I just saw a video from beta where on low graphics settings the fog disappeared. I find it nicer without fog but I would not like to decrease my graphics quality by that.

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Now you can ask questions to our Community Manager Rick Lagnese

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I would like to know how is the feedback of the people that had a chance to play KCD at a games convention.
Did you noticed some differences in the comments from for example players vs professional game testers, uninformed player vs informed players, contributors vs normal player etc.? And if so, what was it?


Now you can ask Quality Assurance Tester Jan “Detective” Rücker about his job here at Warhorse Studios.

Hey Waldkauz! It’s always a great experience going to events as we get all kinds of feedback. I find that “casual” gamers really like the fact that our game is not necessarily a fighting game. They can enjoy the landscape, the environment, the towns, castles, etc, and make decisions that can potentially lead to being a more merciful and peaceful Henry.

The “hardcore” gamer has shown appreciation for this as well, and they are very excited to see the challenges that they’ll face in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. We’re not going to hold their hand in the game, which gives the player more freedom to take on challenges that others may want to avoid. Now we know that some of the events in the game are unavoidable, but even those events will lead to some big moments in the game. The combat in our game intrigues many, as it can be quite challenging and very rewarding.

I really love it when we hear people say that they have been waiting for a game like this for a very long time. And then when I explain to them all the choices that they can make in the game, they are overwhelmed in the most pleasant way possible.

It’s also equally as interesting when we have gamers who have never heard of our game, and they love to try and compare it to other types of games, such as The Witcher, Skyrim, Oblivion, etc. The more I try and demonstrate to them and show them that the game has hints of these three games (as well as others), they quickly find that our game is still quite different in its own right.

Obviously, we have many who gamers who are very skeptical and I completely understand and respect that. Whenever you try to tell someone that our game is not a fighting game and they are already skeptical about the game, sometimes they tend to think, what kind of game can you actually make without it focusing on the combat? There are so many choices in the game, can your game be broken? How is it going to compete with all the AAA games out there?

February 13th is just around the corner and soon, I believe that our game will influence many others and more importantly, give gamers a video game that we’ve all been waiting for, for a very long time.


Hi there,

I have some Questions:

1:1 How do you classify a bug?
1:2 How would you classify these immersion breaking things:

  • breaking things like glued bows to the back
  • scabbards without suspensions
  • Shields without carrying straps
  • Magically litting torches
  • Torches that does not react to rain
  • Disappearing objects (knives, Swords and unforetunately scabbards…)

1:3 Are those aforementioned things on your bug/improvement board as task already recorded
1:4: Are there any strange but not really reproducable bugs, which are funny and could you share them :slight_smile:

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I have a question. It is one of my worries. Since you make it also for the game consoles:
Have you decreased the graphics for the PC version?

No, they’ve answered long time ago about it. They using consoles to make better optimisation, but as you have seen in a new video from them(If you didn’t see it - watch it for 146%), so you can see, that the game became much better. :smiley:

P.S Sorry, i forgot to check the thread.

To me it looked in the videos as if they downgraded the graphics, which would be bad for me because I have 2 x GTX 1080 Ti. I can run it on the highest settings.

To me it looked in the videos as if they downgraded the graphics, which would be bad for me because I have 2 x GTX 1080 Ti. I can run it on the highest settings.

I’ve watched the video in 4k and if to take this as youtube video(not irl playing with your eyes), it still looks cool.
But, maybe, it looks for me cool, cus i’ve never played on max settings in something for long time ago. :sweat_smile:
In any case, the game is still beautiful and looks great in 4K for sure.

yes, but in comparison to previous videos it looks downgraded.

Maybe, it was recorded like that or a little bit compressed at visualization. There’re lots of factors. But, if they did something, it’s still looks not that bad at all. For me, the game looks better now, than before at some aspects. I hope, that your fears at release gonna be false. :wink:

P.S You can always wait for mods and get much better graphics even after release.