Weight, mobility and helmets

sure, thats why I don’t like klappviser heheh

The screen is already fairly limiting to your view. We have a much higher field of view, than what the screen takes up, and I’m guessing the way a helmet obscures your view, has the most impact on your peripheral vision. With regards to the visor, humans have two eyes, so when obstruction is that close to your face, a lot more can be seen, since limitations of one eye doesn’t limit the other in the same spot. It would work on a rift, but not on a screen.

Let’s see! I mean the helmets with heavy visor not all helmets. Also I said that mod effect is too extreme.

I talk about this type of helmets…

Other interesting point of view as has said @Bleiddiaid is the breath that reduces the stamina. But anyone can deny that heavy helmet limits the vision camp

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The first you shown was probably not really used on the battlefield, specially in 1403.
two others are pretty nice and I’ve got friend who own exactly the same and who have a good wiew (but not a reallly good breath :p)

About the part of getting out of breath I can only say that in re-enactment there are watercarriers on the battlefield and you are not really allowed to refuse water. Also the clashes are quite short.

But honestly I have no idea about how accurate that part is. Anyone else :wink: ?

oh and about the helmets: The first is far as I know early renaissance Spanish, the second and third are both Bacinet’s , an infantry helmet.
According to the Wikipedia page:

Although the rounded face From about 1410 the visor became progressively more rounded, by 1435 it gave an ‘ape-like’ profile to the helmet; by 1450 it formed a sector in the, by then, almost globular bascinet.

So that is actually no option. Although they are quite nice :slight_smile: