Weight, mobility and helmets

Hello guys. I want to talk about the weight of the armors, the mobility without them and FOV with helmets.

KCD claims to be a realistic game but in the most cases the games reduce to who wear the best armor. The protection compensate too much the extra weight and wear leather clothing is a clear disadvantage. I’m a little bit sceptical but I hope really Warhorse take into account the benefits of carrying one or other clothing. So we will see some swordsmen prefer wear gambeson or leather protections than armors because they are very good with the sword and like more mobility. The knights aren’t necessarily most harder than other swordsmen.

About helmets, most games don’t add any detriment to wear it. A little extra weight. It would be interesting add FOV’s effect like that mod (Oblivion) for reduce the visual camp

Some visual effects are a little bit extreme but the idea is there. If you decide to wear a helmet with heavy visor you will see a bullshit, but you will be a tank. For other side, if you prefer wear a helmet without visor won’t have any problems to see well but face is exposed.

What do you think?

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Your post is interesting, If I did not have to go to work right now I would elaborate on it. Will do soon!

Limited vision with full helmets was already confirmed.

Yeah I loved that feature in War of the Roses.

Rly? Oh, that’s interesting. Do they said something about similarity to War of the roses? If the helmet has a visor, you can pull up it to see better and reduce the protection?

I think you are ponting one of the important aspects you mention (and a very good one). Additionally, I would like to learn more about you can carry on yourself. The witcher had a nice implementation of this, limiting it into what you can actually see and what was coherent.

And please, I hope to not see weapon & general weight of skyrim :open_mouth:

Armour, it’s weight and mobility is already being discussed in this topic : Armor - Types and Wearing

The limited vision is really interesting but : [quote=“Dekssan, post:3, topic:14042, full:true”]
Limited vision with full helmets was already confirmed.
The only thing I can think of on the topic is if the helmet itself shifts on it’s own and because of that blocking your view more. I know that happens easily when you fall on the ground…

@Dekssan Where it is confirmed?? I saw all videos and updates and I don’t know about this.

@Bleiddiaid thanks for the link

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Where? Can you please give the source because I remember it differently.

That’s what I found:

You say something is “confirmed” a lot (Steam for example).
Please, give sources then.

@MONIXE nothing is confirmed :wink:

Armour was heavy and expensive, and could be quite time consuming to look after. Why would people have continuted to use it if it didn’t give advantages that outweighed those disadvantages?

I’ve done enough medieval martial arts with helmets with eyeslots to think that the level of vision wasn’t as bad as people make out. Between moving your head from side to side and the breathing holes punched in the face plate, you can actually get a pretty good idea about where your opponent is and what they’re doing. Good enough to block incoming attacks and attack back.

Seriously, the biggest problem I had with full-face helmets with eyeslots was the breathing constriction - When I could fight multiple bouts fairly constantly for an hour in an open face helmet, ten minutes in a closed face helmet saw me needing to take my helmet off or at least lift my visor for a breather.

One of the things I found so attractive about the kickstarter was the idea that the fatigue levels of the combatants has a large effect on combat, since that very much matches my experience in some ways, and that right there is the advantage of wearing lighter armour.


I do vote for that kind of helmet. Safe, good vision, good breathing.
As concerned the limited vision, I don’t think thats a good idea. The problem is that on a game, its hard to outpass that, not like IRL (just wear an helmet for 20 minutes and then you can see and there is no more problems.
The idea of breathing difficulties seems good to me. But it must be adapted to the weight of the armor and the kind of helmet. There is plenty of things and as I’m concerned, breezing depend on the helm AND of the armor.
Why not put cardio training? ;D

your eyes are too close to the slit opening to have any real vision obscurement except a vignette effect on the extreme edges. but it’ll be different for helmets with slitted eyes, then it might be a little more obstructive, but not by much anyway, due to stereoscopic vision and the closeness of the opening, it’ll be transparent.

the oblivion way is actually terrible since it looks just like a black cardboard cutout. no depth and feels like the opening is 5 feet in front of you rather than right in front of your nose.


Can’t search out everything what i read from WH during KS campaign, i’m sorry, I just remember it. And Steam was one of these things which were confirmed not just once. It would be nice to have some FAQ even here, people are lazy and asking same questions over and over.

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I know.

We have a FAQ, we just need someone to pin it to the top of the main forum.

well I suggest you find yourself an event where there are medieval helmets an put one on your head. You always have limitations in view with a lot of closed helmets. For example and I have a Barbute, a helmet considered to have a pretty good view. But I can’t really see my lower body or just my arms. Eventually the best option is a visored type of helm that you leave open, until in heavy combat.

Usually you feel the lower part of your body, but that could be a problem there lol.
I guess you speak about that? https://scontent-a-cdg.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-frc1/t1/p206x206/1604840_1397876860467607_1021862697_n.jpg
anyway if your visor is far enough to keep your noose safe there is not any probems to see your feets

I would like if heavy armor/helmets are having an effect on stamina and movement abilities/speed. I dont like the view of this Oblivion mod and its not realistic like some of the posters already said. But I would like it if (on some helmets) the sight wouldn’t be as good as without these helmets.

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That type of bascinet would historically have mail added at the neck actually.
So you lose that view…
the reason that your eye-holes are that small on a helmet is that an experienced swordfighter would be able to stab trough it.

Sur it will, But it also depends if you bind the mail to the viser, or anything else. I do not have such an helmet, but I think there still a way to see your feets

yeah no you only if you put your legs in the air :stuck_out_tongue: it doesn’t really matter but your view isn’t great.