Armor - Types and Wearing

Now, being a Live-Action roleplayer, I am wondering how the In-Game Armor would be. Because what i am wondering about is:

  • Do you simply click on an armor and equip it in an instant? Because I am not very heavy-armored, but it still takes 15 minutes and at least one other person to get into my armor (gambeson, leather breastplate, greaves and bracers, and a shield)
  • How will your movement be impaired? I know people who wear plate armor and if they fall on their backs, they can’t get up again without help. Handling weapons might be harder as well, depending how well the armor is fitted to you.
  • What types of armor will be there? Gambesons and plate would be standard, probably, but what about leather, for instance? I am not sure if that was used in real life. But even only with gambesons and plate armors, there should be a big variety of armor, considering the many types of both.
  • If you get a new armor, will the blacksmith fit the armor to you? (and will that take a while?) Also, how long will it take to create a new armor from scratch? If you do so yourself, will you be able to modify the design?

So, these are “just a few questions”. :smiley:
If someone has ideas about my questions or if maybe even someone from Warhorse would answer, that would be great ^^


I hope they take some of these things into account. Like slower movement and getting tired faster if you wear heavy armor. Even though spending 15 minutes getting into your armor is realistic I am almost 100% sure they will not implement it into the game because it just be 15 minutes of doing nothing.

I know from my own experience how long it takes to create a chain mail from scratch. So I guess creating a full armor takes way longer. They will have to decrease these times just to keep the game playable. I know there might be some out there who want it to be as realistic as possible but some things, mainly regarding the time it takes to do things, will have to be changed


Just hope it won’t be as long as in the real life, lol.

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@PSYCHOZOA is right, noway the downtime of armor fitting/wearing is going to be implemented. unless its a mini game? maybe you get armor bonuses from putting on your armor better or something. As for getting off your back with plate armor, that is a great observation that I would have overlooked initially, for that scenario I would say rolling is the answer for games. counter attacks from the ground or tricking your opponent by feigning could be an excellent strategy in the right battle or duel. I also hope that the actual plate and gambesons are standard, and then the material you make them with and the ornate designs you put on it could be what makes it specially yours, and of course different materials give different bonuses. ornate stuff only helps intimidation or shows sign of power. Personally i’m looking to customize the stuff that I use most often - armor, shield, sword, helmet. because that’s all i will see on my char likely. I like the layer system a lot so far, we will see after alpha is over.

If you fall while wearing armor you just stand up like a normal human being. You will probably move a tiny fraction like 0.8 or 0.9 times as fast but will drain stamina easier.

  • For game, it doesn’t seems like a good idea to spent 15 minutes just to change your armour. But it is good tip for in-game cinematic (preparing for battle or something).
  • If you fall on backs while wearing plate armour, you stand up without problems. No “turtle effect”.
    I tryied plate armour of much shorter person than I’m and it wasn’t that bad. I can move freely though that armour left some parts unprotected.
  • I hope plate armour won’t be standart in sense of commom equip. I would also expect brigandine and mail armour.
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I agree but I have one more thing to add.

If you got two pages helping you put on your armor you could do it in 5 minutes. On the march many knights or other Man at Arms are depicted as already wearing their leg armor which cuts the time it takes to put on armor even more. You can also sleep in armor although it’s not that comfortable, but practice could make that easier.

Hi all!

So, I hope that they incorporate multiple types of armor. And not just 2 -3 pieces.
Above all, there should be different style. And please, no dreary gray :slight_smile:

That would be great!

noch mal in Deutsch! Das deutsche Forum geht im moment wohl nicht !?
Hi alle !

Also, ich hoffe, das sie mehrere Typen von Rüstungen einbauen. Und nicht nur 2 -3 Stück.
Vor allem sollte es verschiedenes Design geben. Und bitte kein tristes Grau :slight_smile:

Das wäre super!

I already wondered where are the Deutsch speaking folks were…

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As others have said, getting back up in plate armour isn’t a problem and I wish people would stop perpetuating this myth. Having a mini-game or at least good animations for equipping armour does sound like a good idea.

Again though, armour really doesn’t inhibit movement significantly (otherwise it wouldn’t be used). Don’t let Hollywood and cheap documentaries fool you.

Yeah, no problems to move in armor !

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Here I have another great video of movement in armour:

I also want to say that if you do LARP for the combat you should move on to re-enactment/ living history, or HEMA. Fighting with steel is way more fun than fooling around with foam stuff. If you’re in LARP for the game then just go ahead and have fun.


The different types of armour people use would basicly make different classes in the game. Does one choose to be light armoured and nimble or heavy armour and slow.

very interesting topic and similar read to mine ( kind off ) here it is if you are interested :stuck_out_tongue: Realistic Armor damaging

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Have you ever worn a suit of armour tailored to you? I thought not.

Not being able to get up from lying on your back is a common modern misconception that people have nowadays. There are historical accounts of a knight doing somersaults, cartwheels and climbing up a ladder from the wrong side. The combined weight of a plate harness is much lighter than the amount carried by a soldier onto the battlefield today. When you also add the fact that It was conformed to their body and spread across it the weight had a much lesser effect then you would have thought.

I’ve never seen leather armour done right in a game or movie. Leather armour, called cuir bouilli or boiled leather was as the name implied. It would be hardened until it would be more comparable in rigidness to a cuirass than the maneuverability offered by a mail hauberk.

A blacksmith’s son such as the protagonist of this game would never have the money to pay a skilled armourer to craft a full harness to his exact measurements. It would cost a small fortune and would be solely the domain of the nobility. His best hope would be to salvage armour from the battlefield that fit him well enough.

Armour wouldn’t be made by a single person. Different pieces would be made by different people. If you wanted a helm you went to see X. You want some cuisses (thigh armour), go see Y. A master armoursmith would have a team of apprentices that he would delegate most of the work, as the large majority of this would be menial and of a repetitive nature. Once the plates were formed they would then be sent to a different artisan who would apply the various straps and buckles, another would put in the padding, etc.

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Im not sure modern replicas weighs the same as the old ones do. But acording to a study done by University in Leeds, the full plate armour weighed 30-50 kg, and was impacting the ability to move severly.

While you are right that it is heavy and logically influences the energy needed. Historically speaking, ‘soldiers’ with full plate armour where noblemen on horses, not walking or running to the battlefields and mostly fighting from on the horse. If the horse would die and/or they fall of the armour allows the movement to just stand up on your own.
Also if you speak about an armour of 50 kg than that would be a very big man with very thick plates, in my opinion not very logical and correct.

That is not what the test showed. It showed that the testsubjects use more energy.
Thom Richardson, keeper of armours, from the Royal Armouries in Leeds added: "It is interesting to use scientific method to answer these questions, and it confirms what we have always suspected - heavy armour would very much reduce your ability to run around.
Also, modern Armour used for full contact fighting is a heavier then the originals. (where armour used for only looks or light fighting is often lighter)
A full suit should be around 30kg.

I think this movie is much better at showing how little armor limits the movement.
It is from the early part of the 1920ties. And the armour is original and not amde for the person wearing it.


That is exactly what I was thinking about. Because if you don’t have much money, you will have to make do with what you get. That would imply movement impairment, because the armor simply wouldn’t fit.
If the armor was perfectly fit for you, however, you are probably right and it wouldnt impair movement (not very noticable).
However, walking around in armor simply is more exhausting than walking around in normal clothes. And while I have not worn plate armor for a prolonged time yet, I think it would be very exhausting.
And I have seen some people who fell over in plate armor and they asked for help, but of course maybe they could have simply stood up, I dont know.

Cheers, Brawl.