Weird black screen problem



i have just reinstalled the driver so i will try the game now


and i sadly have to report that it didn’t work either…
I will go know, need to drive to my mother to celebrate Christmas, but thank you for your effort and let’s continue tomorrow…

Cheers and a happy holiday!


Check you Bios Ver of the GPU.



So i flashed my GPU Bios and that didn’t help, i also cleaned my registry with CC Cleaner, and the problem still persist…


Can you make a gpuz screenshot ?
From the sensors tab while playing the game until the problem occurs


I have a full HW Log of all sensor in my system, it is 10 min of game play and i am having the problem multiple times during that time, the problem is that it is a .CVS file, i have renamed it to TXT so i can upload it here

KCD.CSV.txt (315.4 KB)

I will how ever get the screen dump for you.


Some Questions:

  1. Do you use Mods?
  2. Do you have the HD-Texture Package installed?
  3. Why is you GPU Fan Speed so low? Is there a fixed vaule?
  4. Ist you CPU OC?


Ok there is something strange.
the Vram Tmp is upto 85 while the gpu is only 66. Dont’t think this is normal.


Here are the GPUZ screen shots

Just loaded into game from savefile:

30 seconds after load:

Just after closing tha game:

Answers to your questions:

1: No.

2: Yes and No, i have it installed and right now it is activated, i have however turned it off to see if that is the problem, i still get this problem with HD Pack off.

3: Don’t know

4: No, i turned it off yesterday.


are both Fans of the GPU running ?


not right now…


Plz test it under full load


will do a benchmark…
please wait…


Here is the rsults from the benchmark:

GPU-Z Log file:
3DMark benchmark GPUZ.txt (1.5 MB)

HWMonitor Log file (CSV):
3DMark benchmark.CSV.txt (233.2 KB)


Are both fans of the GPU running?


They were running during test but not know…


I would say your Vram Section on you GPU is getting to hot……


You can try to set the FAN Speed to 100% and see if there is any changes….


so i set the fan speed to 80% (due to noice)
No luck…

attached is the HV info:
test2.CSV.txt (139.8 KB)


Well Vram is About 50. So it’s Ok…now i’m out of ideas….sorry