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You have arrived to the public forum of Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Welcome! Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the way our forum works:

  • This forum is primarily for the backers of our Kickstarter campaign. At this moment, only the backers can contribute to the game-related categories on the forum.
  • If you are our backer, thank you! Within 24 hours from making your pledge, you will receive a code you can use when creating the forum account. This code will automatically give you the correct badge based on your pledge.
  • This process is not fully automatic – it takes up to ten minutes since you activate your account before the correct badge is assigned to your post.
  • If you have already created your account before you had the code, you can enter it by going to your user preferences. Again, please wait up to ten minutes before your badge appears on your posts.
  • Please do not post new topics until your KS badge is recognized and you get the option to create topics in the game-related categories. Thank you.
  • This process is in place for the duration of the Kickstarter campaign only. When it is over, we will have a more streamlined solution in place.

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We are using Discourse as our platform. Please take a moment and familiarize with this environment. We believe Discourse allows better, more meaningful discussions, with clean, streamlined interface. Try to make the best use of its possibilities: try to keep discussion on topic, create related topics when necessary, be sure to post your topic in the right category. It’s going to create much better environment for everybody. Thank you.

Contact @DrFusselpulli for any questions or support!

Or any of our brave Moderators!
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@Blacksmith --> German. English
@Wenceslaus --> Czech, English


Good luck! Really looking forward to the game and watching the community grow.


This is great! looking forward to following the development.

Very excited for this game! I hadn’t planned on buying a next-gen console or upgrading my pc until I saw this game. Looking great, Warhorse!

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Can’t wait for this game to be released !

Woa, here we are. 2015 is soooo distant, tought.

2015 is definitely a long ways away. Any thoughts on the Alpha and Beta release time frames or am I asking too soon?

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