Well done and Thank you Warhorse

Like the title says, I just bought and installed the new dlc and didn’t even finished Sir Capons Quest, so long I haven’t touched KCD. I even forgot how to draw a sword, or get into the menu.

But as soon as I saw the dog and the skill-tree I was in love, right now I finish the Hans Capon DLC with my Dog. I already have so much fun!

Starting a new game is now worth it, it will be a whole different game!

One thing that makes me a bit sad is the name of the Dog. Maybe times were different back then, but nowadays “Köter” in german is a mean word for a dog, which is used to hurt.

But the fun is real! Thank you so much Warhorse!


I call the dog “Dogmeat”


how is he called in the english version?

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Pragmatics (linguistics) tells us men generally (though not always) engage in relatively more abusive language towards their own brothers, friends, mates, etc. you should hear the names I call my boys (dogs)… or maybe you shouldn’t

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That’s actually an utterly cute name! :star_struck: If it means the same as in tinkebell, lol.

Well, I know this kind of humor, I myself call my family and kids sometimes “Hackfressen” or “Kackbratzen”, but mean it lovingly and always say it with a smile. Out of context one might find this also pretty abusive.
So just feel free to share those loving names :crazy_face:

But really, “Köter” is such a hideous word. It sounds hideous and also reads hideous.
Absolutely don’t like it. :sob:
German is such a nice language, there would have been other possibilities that feel better in ones mouth and ears :crazy_face: