Well I finally finished the story

So I am going to be honest the story itself is decent for a video game. Like most video games they don’t really prioritize writing and I can’t blame them. They are making a video game not a movie. However, I can’t help but feel like they wanted to make a movie. The way the story ends seems rather odd more fitting for a movie, or season of TV, and I am wondering if we will get a big DLC where you travel with Sir Hans after the Epilogue or are we going to need to buy a whole game for it? Did any of you hear an announcement or interview mentioning this topic? I usually keep up on news about the games I like but I ignored Kingdom Come because it was a story game and I don’t usually enjoy those. Personally even though I did enjoy this game I wouldn’t buy another story driven game. I would happily pay for a DLC for this game.

The developers said that all DLC’s will not be main story related so it is likely that there will be a sequel at some point although right now a sequel is not currently planned, or at least that’s what they want too think.

They mentioned few times, don’t expect expansions for the main story after end game with Capon. They are foreshadowing that their next game will be in the same genre as KCD, everyone believes it’s sequel. But who knows if they are thinking of something other before releasing the continuation.

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I haven’t played Kingdom Come yet, but I’m planning to acquire this edition? Thoughts, opinions, etc? :safety_pin:

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