Were Sabers around at the time of this game?

Im a little skeptical of some te weapons choices since finding out they skipped using bucklers. Could someone tell me if sabers wouldve really been around in this era and if so, is it realistic for Henry to weild one?

They do not seem like fantasy weapons of that era. Why wouldn’t they be realistic?

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They just seem out of place to me, i like using them though. Really im just curious if in fact sabers were around this part of Europe that far back in history.

Sabres date back to the 9th century in Eastern Europe. They are a type of backsword, and can have a straight or curved blade.

The early examples, as well as later (retained into the C19th) Eastern types have a simple hilt (as seen in game), the complex hilts are a Western development seen in many different types of sword and knife during the Renaissance and later.

They are also related in this early style to the scimitar from the Middle east.

The Cumans, being a Turkick people are in game associated with a mix of western harness and weapons and steppe equipment.