WH Potential Exploration of 'Magic'



Ass bounce, shimmy and gyrations were most assuredly in existence during medieval times even if not (well) documented in a codex from the HRE

Sir Hans the gryrator and Lady Stephanie of twerking… a different kind of RPG

Rather than a DLC, a whole game should be created from around female character. Would it sell? Don’t care. It’d be interesting… but then again I’m a crazy bastard


Crazy Bastards, isn’t that the new DLC? Oh, sorry, Band of Crazy Bastards…


This new BoB DLC, apart from obvious Hans Capon DLC, is included in sexual content theme of Steam filters. I didn’t see any, did I miss some crazy stuff? Or is it considered so because of Brothers Jan and Petr?


Absolutely, crazy bastards unite and fight… worth a whole game.


as a mod I dont mind anything because as you said it doesnt affect me. I just feel like a lot of people complained so much about this game, in my opinion not knowing what it was supposed to be, and then they changed it to appeal to those people…like the save mechanic, lock picking, etc.


Stuff that fits a realistic medieval environment cool, “fantasy” leave to mods it doesn’t fit this game.

I put a lot of mods into Skyrim to give it a realistic medieval overhaul and had to still deal with magic so if there is a mod that adds magic, in a single player game cool. I dont want to have an update and then when I load my game have magic and fantasy elements in the game.