WH Potential Exploration of 'Magic'


There is an interesting thread on steam forum RE: what could magic look like if explored in future KCD projects: https://steamcommunity.com/app/379430/discussions/0/1777136225033205380/

Of course there were all kinds of knee-jerk reactions from dragon-haters, “reality” posts, etc… but also IMHO some very interesting thought-provoking responses, perhaps some even by me… ‘Magic’ doesn’t need to be dragons and fireballs, it could be more passive, like hexes, curses, the evil-eye, etc… Players don’t need to explore that aspect if they don’t want to, right? It’s single player.

Besides, ‘magic’ is already in the game! a few witches, alchemy, etc… Elixirs a.k.a. potions are indeed a game mechanic, but still border on magic considering their effects. Most people from KCD-time believed in magic, curses, etc. and scientific perspective was a long way off.

A friend studying archaeology in Egypt discovered a human fetus wrapped up inside a house roof drain. She did her research and found an ancient recipe for a curse involving a fetus that gets thrown onto your enemy’s roof to curse the household…

‘Magic’ like that could be quite interesting, and very dark to explore. It would be historically accurate, and would add an incredible dimension to future KCD projects. Don’t want to stereotype here, but possible many female players would appreciate this angle (witchcraft) for their characters.

This is meant to be thought provoking, flaming posts unwelcome, but likely unavoidable…


If WHS adds modding support, I would like to test some fantasy mod as well. I am fantasy fan after all and would even dare to play it in realistic game like this. But I do not know if dragons would fit in, something unique would be better.


I appreciate your reasoning to include magic, and for one would like to keep KCD “magic” free. Alchemy is mot magic, it is chemistry. Magic fit in well with Witcher, but for KCD I do like the “magic free” aspect. I do hope that mod support allows for creation of mods that gives everyone something that they enjoy. I hope you do not feel this is a “flaming” post. Have a great day.


Not at all, your opinion is valid.

Remember, “Magic” can be anything we don’t understand, so again, not talking about fantasy fireballs but the types of things that were used historically…


As you said, this type of “real” magic is already there. There are witches with magic ointment, there are people believing in magical power of saint remains, there are ghosts and excorcism. And potions of course. And there is also the other side of “something we don’t understand” - Charlatan and all his fake magic. I don’t feel that there should be more of it in any way. You know, medieval people firmly believed in this stuff, yet they all the same behaved very practically. I think that KCD has just the right amount of both worlds of medieval person - both practical and magical one. The balance is good and I don’t want to twist it to either way.


You make a very good point. And I would also be interested in exploring the dark arts as long as they dont go to far with it. No fireballs and dragons but like you were saying hexs, curses, etc.

I also really enjoyed the part you talked about the fetus. Ive never heard or read about that before but its very interesting. And your right people were extremely superstitious in medieval times and believed all kinds of crazy things so it makes sense to use them.

Its very thought provoking and until you pointed it out and explained it the way you did I was very against any kind of magic added to the game or future projects that were related to this one. I never thought about alchemy and the like to be forms of magic but in those times it very possible they did.

Which reminds me. Im terrible about remembering names but the priest you get drunk with or can get drunk with adds a mission to investigate a herb woman for claims of witchcraft. Also there is a blacksmith who sings a song to keep time but another smith thinks he is doing some sort of withcraft and your asked to find out as well. So its in the game but fairly subtle.

Also beings it single player mods that add all sorts of fantasy aspects I suppose wouldnt hurt anyone because you wouldnt have to download them after all. A little something for everyone. I do after all love fantasy games.

its opened my mind to something new I thought I was against. So thank you for bringing this up.


Magic, in Medieval terms, is already in the game, and it fits beautifully. But with Woman’s Lot on the way, you never know. Maybe Theresa (who’ll we’ll be able to play as if the rumors are true) might have some more magic quests added in. Henry kinda did have his ass handed to him by that giant club, and broken bones, especially ribs puncturing the lungs/heart, are not an easy fix…


Im looking forward to the Womans lot DLC. It will bring an interesting twist to the game and also appeal to woman and men alike. On Life Is Feudal MMO I do have 10 characters. Two of which are woman. Could be fun though.


Twist? Be more specific.


Fantasy weapons would work.

Dragons? Can’t even get non-scripted horses implemented. Good luck modding

#1 thing I want is good multi vs multi battles. Doesn’t even have to be level of Bannerlord demos.


There are already cows and wildlife so wouldn’t see why that isn’t possible?


Probably twist away from narrative based on :parrot: (pták: Czech euphemism), :hot_pepper: (고추: Korean euphemism), :eggplant: (US euphemism), etc


I dont know use your imagination. Well get to see maybe what a woman went through in those times and for those into light anime porn well you might get some of that too. Like some tities or something. I just like being able to have a female character. It brings a certain depth to the game or any game rather that you dont get with a male character. You get to see the female perspective of things. How hard life was for a woman compared to a man. As long as its story driven. The only different in male and female character in LIF: MMO is that woman are smaller targets.


The only reason men would like to play as female character is certainly different perspective, the best one is from behind in 3rd person.


WHS: Here is a medieval simulator that we made as realistic as possible while still being able to add a story of our own and a pseudo unique story.

Playerbase: Thats pretty cool, too bad there isnt any magic in it. Can we add some magic and fantasy mods…


mods, meh i couldn’t care less, don’t change the actual game any more to please people who obviously don’t want to play this game as it is/was intended.


In some games female characters have specific advantages than playing a male. Some not so much. I cant deny I enjoy watching Tomb Raiders laura from behind lol. Its a nice ass and thats not the only part of her that is. I enjoy the female figure whether its pixels or real life. I say whatever floats your boat.


At first I was against modding this game but some people pointed out that beings its a single player game it doesnt hurt anyone if someone wants to use them or cheat for that matter.

I personally dont use mods very often, and never use them for this game but thats me. I also dont cheat but it really doesnt matter if someone else does. Exploits etc on multiplayer game is a big issue with games like LIF: MMO though.

So dragon it up I say as long as its a mod and not part of the actual game. I do agree with you in the aspect that it should never be part of the base game. I mean it would be kind of cool to see dragons wrecking the world or carrying people off lol. It may even be something I check out even for just a short time.

Might look for some better visual mods just to see if it makes a differece. The game is already beautiful on max settings though so I dont know. Ive kind of gotten used to no bow reticle and the current save system and was actually disapointed they changed it for the masses who didnt like it. Same for lock picking. Got used to all that.

I felt that part of the fun in the game was not knowing when I could save sometimes and it felt my decisions meant more because I couldnt just load a save all the time to change outcomes. Now thats too easy to do and sometimes my decisions feel moot.


I love mods as removing the dot and I use a mod to add blood stains. No fancy stuff for me but everyone should decide for themselves. Mods can be cheating but it can be making it harder aswell. If someone like dragons in it, just do it. It’s the better for the long-term life of the game :slight_smile:

Oh and I finally get my 8700k tomorrow which I only purchased for kcd. :smile:


While I enjoy watching nice character, I am not as much into playing female protagonist over male one if we are solely talking about appearance and not different class or stats tied to the choice, cause I am fighting, I don’t have time to watch my character bounce ass, I want to focus on enemy moves, plan tactics and manage my loot in inventory.

That being said, I prefer looking at nice female NPC rather than distract myself at all times, however I found it very appealing to play as woman in Dungeon Siege 3 cause the camera was far away so you didn’t see details of your character profile, only in dialogues, so I could easily focus on combat, while the woman in DS3 had unique armors and weapons tied to her class so yeah, when choosing female as a class, I am down for it.


Well, crafting, warhorses and large scale battles were intended. I want to play with them (as well as crossbows and polearms) as intended. In absence of them, don’t begrudge others who wish to compensate by adding fantasy elements