What about EASTER EGGS?

I love easter eggs! The more the better!
I’d love to see that one of the dog companions will be the dog of Daniel Vávra :D.

There’s big chance that the game will have some easter eggs.
Martin Klíma answered on this question this: Well, the player have to find out.


Since they are teaming up with CIG I’m guessing they cross easter egg (finding an object from each others game.)

You think to find an object from Star Citizen ?
It will destroy any realism in the game.
Haha milord, I have a plasma gun, give up or die !


An object you would not be able to pick it up. You know a prop and its an easter egg man. It’s not part of the story so it does not have to be real.

Actually even this (easter egg from game with seemingly contradictionary settings) can be done without breaking an immersion. Just quick example (one of the less elegant ways to do it): local fool with oddly shaped piece of wood claiming it is great magical weapon capable of killing anyone at distance; actually just pickable “odd piece of wood” would be sufficient plasma gun reference (Or not really pickable, if you try it the character just claims it looks to rotten to be of any use.)

It doesn’t even have to be gun reference. Off hand comment about someone living among stars and lot of other things I didn’t thought of.

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Also could be a story book about wing commander.

I had posted an idea for a cool easter egg. But this lines of the post disappeared. Maybe they have already implemented it :smiley:

People of the stars, sounds good to me : add some stories in books about people chosen by god to live with him in the stars.


or find a book left by arabic merchants talking about some “hashashan” who broke his neck after jumping 50 feet into a hay stack


Two npc’s are talking to each other
"Bah! I hate all of these damn rats!"
“Consider yourself lucky, I’ve heard that in some places there are rats the sizes of dogs that require professional mercenaries to kill”
"That’s just fantasy rumors…"
Obvuíous reference to TES fighters guild quests :slight_smile:

Or an NPC talking to the player
"I would like you to kill 10 cows and then report back to me"
"Of course not, what use are the cows to me dead?"
MMO reference

Dialogue easter eggs are probably the most story-friendly and funny to me.


They should put a reference somewhere :slight_smile: Something physical like a large space ship may be a bit too much :stuck_out_tongue:

Should be a Monty Python one. Like certain triggered events could make a killer rabbit with big pointy teeth appear in a forest somewhere :smiley:


I would think some easter eggs from their earlier games would make more sense. Maybe Sarah from Mafia could be an NPC or something. During the taxi mission “Running man” you pick up someone with her character model which has always been a point of curiosity as to whether it was supposed to be her or not. It would be a nice, funny little nod if she had some small quest and on completion she says, “Here’s the money. Goodbye!” in a really miffed tone.

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If a Monty Python reference, then it should be an encounter with a knight in black armor guarding a small bridge over a forest stream… :smiley:


Some random peasant saying that it would be nice to have 100 more strangers doing all the same tasks, overpricing the market and requesting people to hourly sieges. And then " nah…" =]

I mentioned this in some other thread, but if there’s going to be a Monty Python reference, have a bard sing a version of this haha


I really hope they will put A LOT of easter eggs all over the world, just to have more reasons (besides the beauty of the scenery) to walk around the country and search every little corner :stuck_out_tongue:


I Love finding Easter eggs in a game and “Quest for the Holy Grail” eggs would be AWESOME!
This game need load of them!!!

Enemies insults: “Your Mother was a Hamster and Your Father Smelt of Elderberries” Called it XD

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Easter egg hunting is always an awesome idea. Good example is book Ready Player One by Ernest Cline :wink: The better you hide 'em the more fun it is :wink:

pagan holidays would be great!

and the other type of eggs are ok too.