What about my pledge?


Hi guys,

I have come up today to check the news and the forum and noticed that the main page had changed. My profile still states that I am to get the Digital Collector’s Edition, but all that stuff on the main page about the Steam pre-orders and Retail pre-orders… Can you, please, clarify this a bit? Do I have to put any pre-order now? Will I have to play via Steam?


Yes, you will receive a Steam key later at the release of the game.
You don´t have to put up any pre-order or something. You will receive the key later and you will be able to download the game via Steam.


Okay, thank you, DrFusselpulli.

Steam is the only thing that sucks. Does it mean that it can be now confirmed that there will be no standalone non-Steam version of the game?


No, that doesn´t confirm that. It is possible that there will be other options later, but for now, only the Steam version is planned, and this will be the only option at the release of the game.