What am i doing wrong?


Hi there, i bought this game in alpha stage and it was unplayable for me with my old setting due to FPS,
i5 4460 3.2 ghz
16gb ram
1tb HDD
Nvidia GTX 960

Now the game is in beta stage and i upgraded my pc to
i5 4460 3.2 ghz
16gb Ram
500 gb SSD
MSI GTX 1070 Gaming 8gb

i thought ther game would be playable by now with this pc but i still get the same FPS

everything on low i get 27-29
everything on very high i get 25-27

what am i doing wrong or is this normal for the beta or an issue thats not fixed yet?


this one. The Beta is not optimized, therefore it is very hungry of hardware. Unfortunately we are not able to update the Beta anymore, as we have to focus on the final release version.


Did nobody read other threats in this forum??


Yes i did read other topics on the forum, I also watched alot of youtube videos with people with same specs getting better performance. I will wait for the Final release, but please understand that its hard for a junkie in gaming like me.


It is fine that you asked, don´t worry :slight_smile:


The most you’re going to get is 30-35 FPS from the beta. Some of the earlier versions of the alpha ran at higher frame rates, but no one using the beta has shown better than that.

Show me the video where anyone claims better frame rates than that out of the beta.


It’s possible but with settings like here :о) “Низкие”=“low” or “very low”


Yes, it’s possible on the menu screen. Not during the game.


Same aquestion here, i know its a Beta and of Course FPS will be limited or at least not the main Focus, but will the game run smoother on release (Im not demanding 60+FPS, solid 35 in every Situation (Cutsceenes, Grande Battles and Riding/looking around) would be enough for me,

Right know I Play on Very High Settings, but sometimes with lower (“high”) Shaders and Shadows, and im between 25 and 30 FPS. In Addition Im experiencing mikrolaggs like every 3 Sekonds when Running or turning around suddenly. Will that also be fixed? :slight_smile:

My Rig:
Intel I7 6700K
Nvidia GTX 1080
Win 10
16GB Ram
500W Be Quiet
Asus Maximus Ranger VII Motherboard

Thx for any Reply and Keep up the awesome work :slight_smile: Greetings from NRW :smiley:



I’ve played the game on a 1070, 1060 and 750 Ti, and it never got above 30-35 FPS. Even people with 1080s and 6700k CPUs don’t get higher. The game doesn’t utilize the CPU or GPU at more than a few percent. Changing the settings and resolution had no effect on frame rate either.