What an Amazing Game!

I only came across this game a few days ago and decided to give it a try. Furthermore, I knew nothing about it and so had no expectations.

Boy was I in for a pleasant surprise. This game is just brilliant. The story so far is engrossing, the graphics are beautiful, the combat is engaging and challenging, the world is huge and the surprises are endless.

There’s so much fun to be had in this enormous world. I haven’t felt this way about a game in a very long time. I’m an RPG addict and have played virtually everything beginning with the Commodore 64. Lately RPGs have been one recycled product after another. This, however, is astoundingly refreshing.

I created an account here just to voice my excitement for this gem of a game and I can’t wait to get back to it. Thank you for making and constantly improving this wondrous game!


160 hours played, surprises be gone :frowning: :smiley:

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They are so cute when they’re new.


Then they get jaded so quickly…

on the other hand i wanna say there is always something new you can try even after 100s of hours played, for example i know a quest with man who tricks you and after finishing the quest disappear… so now during my another playthrough i tried to kill the guy before finishing the quest… many quests have more ways how they can be solved (or not)


800 hours and on my 5th play though and still discovering something new. The main quest gets a bit worn, but there is enough on te side quests and just exploring to keep the replayability alive (at least until I finish this play through).


Haha. I’ve noticed some irony in some of the responses (unless I really am cute). I haven’t put it down so far and I have probably spent about 100 hours playing Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Its still brilliant, still huge, still fun and I’m still being pleasantly surprised!

My sentiments, exactly.

So few games worth buying for, these days…

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