What are these flowers?

Just curious. What kind of flowers these may be?

Yellow and white flowers? :crazy_face:

Very funny :roll_eyes:

I wish flowers could be 3D but I guess that would really heavy to run.

The yellows are maybe Sinapsis arvensis. Agricultuaral, field mustard maybe in English.

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Ok, serious now. Sorry for the bad joke.
The yellow may be Lathyrus pratensis and the white may be Viola

Not field poppy? Or linseed/flax?

It’s hardly Sinapsis arvensis. I’ve googled and read that Sinapsis arvensis is very harmful for agriculture (if I got it right). Lathyrus pratensis is more likely since it’s cultivated as forage. Can be flax, yes. Can it be Medicago or did they grow it at all at that time?

The white one is unlikely a poppy. If you look closely, you’ll see small red parts inside the flowers which white poppies lack.

It is white poppy, some have the purple parts.

the yellow is rapeseed, no joke thats the name.
the white is probably linseed but im not certain


I’ve tried to identify them by scent,but while they look pretty, they reek of nicotine and whiskey. Strange.

Top looks a bit like cosmos but foliage all wrong. Similar to poppy but foliage seems a bit off

Yellow looks like rapeseed

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Agree w rapeseed. Don’t think flax

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I don’t know their name.

It give freshness to every one who are playing.
Couldn’t able to identify the name.

Shave off your moustache. It might help.