What are your top 10 favorite medieval/fantasy video games?

I liked Witcher for the world and lore. The combat system sucked, tbh. Pretty arcade-ish and dull, imo. Ninja flips and combat gymnastics are not my thing though.

The Guild (1st) had the best medieval setting and atmosphere I ever encountered in game. Also, I spent maybe 4,000 hours in Crusader Kings 2 in total as well. Game Expeditions: Viking also had some good vibes lately…

As for fantasy or pseudo-medieval worlds, I liked Fable 3 the most, together with the Witcher 3. Life Is Feudal: Your Own used to be quite good years ago…

On the other hand, Foundations might be good once out of EA… maybe…

  1. Kingdom Come: Deliverance
  2. The Witcher III - Wild Hunt
  3. Assassin’s Creed II
  4. Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood
  5. TESV: Skyrim
  6. Assassin’s Creed (original)
  7. The Witcher (original)
  8. TESIV: Oblivion
  9. Dishonored
  10. RuneScape (lol)

I agree with this. The Witcher 2 was the last good Witcher, imo.

No way. The witcher 2 was the worst game; I hated it, and out of the three, I think most people rate it the lowest. Everything was so dull and uninteresting, and the story was way too linear. The original Witcher and TW3 are both excellent though.

You are funny.

You are funny.

Nah, I’m being completely serious. The original Witcher game is far better than Witcher 2. While I enjoyed the fact that Witcher 2 picked up where the first game left off, the environment was much less interesting and the story was lacking compared to the first and third games. It’s not a bad game, but compared to the other Witcher games, it’s lacking.

You are serious?:joy: What a good joke!
And The Witcher 1 & 2 are both great games while The Witcher 3 is the worst of the series. THIS is serious.

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Ja genau. Jetzt auf einmal wieder so oder was? Heuchler!
Entscheide dich endlich ob TW1 gut ist oder nicht und hör auf hier in jedem Thread deine Meinung zu ändern!

Hab nie was Anderes behauptet und ich ein Heuchler?:joy: Knalltüte du.