What can we expect for patch 2.0?

Since bugs are no longer such a big discussion, it’s time to improve the game with some features:

  • HUD options to select what should be displayed and what should be hidden.
  • Volumetric fog as an option.
  • Remove letterboxes from dialogs.
  • Add mouse cursor in dialogs.
  • Fix pixelated puddles.

Let’s collect our wishes for the last patch!

U are not gonna get any of those maybe puddle fix but that is big maybe and I would assume 2.0 comes with mod support

Why not? Every game that wants to be immersive and user friendly gives you an option to play without HUD or to select what you want to have and what not.

Ppl have asked that since day one and look do we have it no bec I dont think devs think thats important

Yes, that have I noticed already. The devs are not interested in our wishes.

Mod kit already confirmed. What about releasing the source code in addition? That would help us fans a lot in making new content.