What games are the most similar to Kingdom Come: Deliverance?


They say this kind of game has not been made yet. What games that you played are very much like this?
They say it is similar to Witcher (fantasy), Skyrim (fantasy), Dark Souls (fantasy) and Mount & Blade (fake world). Even Steam says it is similar to those.
Another sites mention Chivalry: Medieval Warfare which is realistic but multiplayer; Assassins Creed (they say it is based on real world but sci-fi backstory); Ryse: Son of Rome (it has tag fantasy but looks realistic); Boyar (realistic but bugged); Red Dead Redemption (looks realistic).
Game I played that is closest to Kingdom Come is Mount & Blade, though it is set in fake sandbox medieval world, has no story and almost no animals, its combat system is very similar, also RPG, you can equip various weapons and armours.
I can not really find other game that would have so much in common.


Well if we don´t look only at the settings, I think that Witcher 3 is the most comparable as it also focuses mainly on main story and good, entertaining side quests in fairly realistic looking and believable open world. (As Witcher world is basically middle age society if all the past legends and rumours people believed at the time really existed)

Also assasin´s creed could have lot of similarities (realistic game worlds, history events and characters), even tho combat and overall story is vastly different.

I see VERY LITTLE similarities in Chivalry and M&B. M&B has medieval weapons and horses and they both are open world - thats where all similarities end. There is none other similar thing between those in my opinion. Their openwordliness is completely different. Combat may look similar, but as I tried both extensively, they in the end feel vastly different (you can attack from multiple angles and do some basic tricks, but thats all, as M&B doesn´t even try to be realistic).

Chivalry is even worse, as there aren´t even those fcking horses :smiley: And combat is even more different (and even less realistic - reverse overhead swings anyone?)

Skyrim is interesting contender - combat wise absolutely different, settings is quite similar except for fantasy stuff, but it is much less story and characters focused, and more “freedom over everything”.

I see 0 Dark souls in KCD, except for potential hardcoreness of fights (but this is just speculation as we don´t know how hard the fights will be).

If I had to pick, in my opinion KCD will be something between W3 and Assasin´s creed, just with less fantasy, more history and realism, and first person only. I suspect that you will have most similar experiences with those two gameplay wise - you will mainly follow main story, enjoying good characters and only sidetracking for quests and mby loot occasionally while enjoying fair amount of intersting combat and activities. All other games usually play quite different (more exploration and/or combat focused)


Actually when the game was realeased, I hoped for true open-world successor to The Guild, where you could, among other, develop your family and business in Berlin in 1400 - as subject of emperor Wenceslaus :smiley: I still hope further acts will feature property and family management more than first act will do… or there will be proper editor to make it more ‘sim’ than it already is…


As weird as it may seem this game reminds me most of the Arma series ._.


It’s not that weird, i Had the Same thought many Times when i was striding through a Forrest. The Forrests in both Games (KC:D and ArmA II) are very similar. Well makes Sense, since “Bohemia Interactive” is, as the Name states, an bohemian company and the Chernarus map is roughly similar to real World. Saw a Comparison once, Coastline and some Stream are nearly the Same and then the Rest blends in. I’ll try to find it again.

Anyway this Thread is from July 2017 :smile:


I think mount and blade is similar in the sense that you could just kinda do things your own way.


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War of the Roses. Got the vibes many times. If only there was the Jousting in KCD :confused: