What happened?

Hi Warhorse, I really love your game. I played it a lot and my first gameplay was almost without bugs (one crash in Skalitz, one major bug a just a few minor).

Now, when I have all the DLCs I started again… and I am surprised. Everything was fine until I fled Skalitz. After one of the videos in Talmberg (in kitchen with lady S.) black screen appeared - I had to turn off the PC.

Yesterday I decided to continue… During the night talk with lady S. Henry was sitting too close to her on an invisible chair… nevermind, lets escpae Talmberg!

So I was in Skalitz, already digging the grave… aaaand crash… back to Rovna…

I am already in Rattay and so far so good (apart sometimes when I am enetering the city couple of black flashes appears on the screen…

I hope that I can play without fear and only the prologue was problematic…

How old is your computer? It may be a bug or it may be a hardware problem. The crash you experienced took you back to the last game save. The blackout screens may be a video card problem.

If you have any mods that may be incompatible with the last patch can also be the culprit. I wish you in discovering and resolving any problems you are having.

A year. No mods ever installed. When I played my hardcore “timeline” with dozens of hours played right after Womens Lot DLC, no bugs, no crashes.

I will check the entrance to Rattay today. I think it is not all the time (it is the gate closest to baths/mill).

In the main game so far so good apart from the flashing. As I wrote earlier, my only crash besides these recent was again in the prologue - if I remember it correctly about 5 minutes after throwing sh*t on Deutsches house.

I also have, before the first plot task.
(У меня также, до первого сюжетного задания.)

That part with Stephanie is long time bug I don’t even mind it. It doesn’t really break game. It’s just Henry showing off.

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So no problems yesterday…

Glad to hear …. If the problem check and ensure your graphic card is properly set. Good luck and happy gaming.

So yesterday I played after a while. First two attempts to load my latest save resulted in crash.

I loaded my other safe and played without issues quite a long while. Then crash again (after beating Sir Capon in the pub).

Also when can I join in the archery contest in Rattay? I thought it is after he training quest.

You can do the archery challenge after Lady Stephanie gives you the three tasks. The deal with the crashes is odd. Crashes usually are associated with an incompatible or corrupted file somewhere in the program. Since you have no mods that is not the problem. A crash can also take place multiple keystrokes/mouse clicks trying to accomplish a task, I don’t know the technical term but you essential overload the program and it says enough is enough and quits. If you experience another batch of crashes I would suggest to uninstall the game and do a clean reinstall…… I know it is frustrating but if there is a bad file hidden somewhere it will always cause a problem.

The first crash was right after loding. The second after I walked few steps (in rattay mill).

Last crash was at the end of the cutscene.

Well I see how it will work today…

There was one thing that I’ve made differently between 2nd and 3rd crash.

1st+2nd crash I’ve lunched KC:D directly from desktop. After that I’ve lunched it from Steam.

Just right know. Crash after less than 5 min.

Lunched from Steam. Black screen right after dialogue with Capon starting the hunting mission… :frowning:

EDIT: To my surprise alt+tab saved me. I wanted to give command to my dog…

Another crash. Now nothing helped. We were aproaching the spot with the boar and I wanted to check my map -> Crash…

Please, Warhorse, some official support? Come on, I bought the Art Book today (it is amazing!) …

I can´t remember who to contact. Any help appriciated!

My 1st walktrough was great. Now I want to experience the game with all DLC´s without crashes…

Go to the contacts tab, there is an email address for support… Good Luck.

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