What I´ve noticed

So based on some things in the game I think that Sir Radzig is in fact an evil mastermind exloiting the situation. Just listen:

Watching Henry fleeing to Talmberg from his balcony, Sir Radzig is planning his moves if he could get out of this messy situation. And he is planning a big move. It is really bold to rely on your illegitimate son. But he knows that Hal is a smart guy. And quite handsome. Lady Stephanie of Talmberg is pretty, quite young. Her marriage with Sir Divis is not ideal. If you add pity for the poor however also brave boy, maybe Henry could get some titles from his neigbour. And he did! But lets not jump to far ahead…

Radzig orders Henry to stay in Talmberg. He didn´t insist on Henry to go with him to Rattay. No, he must stay and seduce Lady Stephanie. But Hal didn´t obey. The whole plan wast lost. Until he appears after fortnight in the chambers of Pirkstein. A moment of quick improvisation… And Henry is promoted. He gains access to the best training and can also observe the defence of Rattay. That´s pay off when Henry luckily saves Sir Capon. The Neuhof masacre also helped him. Lets look at it. Becoming saviour and friend to Hans Capon? Huge success. Capon will soon rule the castle. To Henry (and Radzig) having this powerful ally is absolute advantage. And Neuhof masacre? Radzig offer his men. But only one is provided - Henry. And Hanus gave him a horse! Hal will be his eyes and ears in the investigation. In the end he will investigate by his own. That night Sir Kobyla celebrated.

Henry is reporting only to Radzig. He seduces Lady Stephanie, takes over the Master Huntsman spot in Talmberg. When Henry becomes Bailif of Pribyslavitz, Radzig laughed so hard. That old fool Divis…

What do you think? :slight_smile:


The second shooter was on the grassy knoll in Dallas.