What if this game was released back in 1990?


SCUMM Powered KCD (really just sharing some pixel art).


NICE! :smiley:


I would probably play it :smiley:


This is so neato! If somebody made this game possible we’d rewrite the whole soundtrack for OPL2(AdLib) ;]


request for a beeper version


:smiley: That surely would be painful but still doable!


in the old computers sometimes a special technique was used for playing polyphonic melodies or simultaneous FX. while it definitely has lots of flaws, the result was pretty nice for a one-bit buzzer.


I was never a fan of those kind of point and click games. This was more my kind of game from the '90s.



Add the crosshair and it’ll be perfect.


By far the game I played more than any other . . . recently did a retrospective estimate and came up with 6,000 or 7,000 hours total. Literally ONLY game I played for like 4 years, and continued to play it a lot for several years after that too.

Still get goosebumps hearing this theme music.


Civ was late 1991, a whole year after Monkey Island was released. I suppose what one played back then went as much on preference as accessibility. I was never “given” a copy, so the game for me basically never existed.

Either way having essentially learned the rudiments of English by playing (or trying to) The Secret of Monkey Island, I’ll admit that I’m very biased :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah, the number of hours I’ve lost on CIV1, first on DOS then on Mac, are countless… And later FreeCiv on Linux…