What is Henry's social status?


kinda like a mafia made man.

I always kinda looked at nobility as the original Mafia.
They move in gain notoriety, get followers, use force to get their way and keep it then extort from those in their area of influence money and resources.
Knights= made men.




Some were, some weren’t. The entire social construct had nearly everyone believing they were where they were because it was the will of God. It wasn’t necessarily the nobility keeping the peasantry down in order to keep their power secure and more along the lines of they, and the peasants, both believed they were where they were because it was meant to be.

A mafia boss would use terror and violence to keep people down and paying. Not every noble did this. In fact, many did not and those who did were looked down upon as bad lords by their peers.


Henry doesn’t need to be born from a noblewoman as a bastard to qualify as nobility. In the game he becomes a Squire, which is itself a title of lesser nobility, and should he ever be knighted there will be no questioning his title regardless of birth. The only thing as a bastard is that he is not a legitimate heir to his father, and thus his heraldry will be different.


thats the beauty of the game. the player can shape his character how they want. in my game he’s a player and awesome archer. he has several romps in his time off from looting and pillaging. he totally smashed lady stephanies back doors in


You know, I’ve always kind of wondered why they went with the direction they did with the story of this game but didn’t follow through with it all the way.

You start the game as a son of a blacksmith (Why. Let’s be honest, a backstory as a member of an impoverished house of nobility would give you more options in game while still retaining the same “work your way back up” value) And I feel like you never really work your way up in society. I mean, you do, slightly, but I’m literally playing a game set in the early 15th century where I don’t get to be a knight or even have the option to do so. I wouldn’t even mind so much if they elaborated more that you were a squire and it was something that was readily acknowledged in the game and not just in passing.

I mean, am I the only one who’s irked about this? Warhorse, hire me on as a writer now please.


I really don’t want to offend you but I hope they will not hire you :slight_smile: I am really not interested in clichés from medieval B,C,D movies.


The point is having options Bernhardt. I generally don’t like forced narratives anyway, especially when it’s an RPG game. What’s so cliche about it? Being a Knight? Why is that cliche? The game focuses on this aspect of medieval life anyways to an extreme degree just without having you directly participate in it.

You’re going to sit here and tell me that the game isn’t already cliche telling the same archetypal story of a person who’s parents were killed coupled with a literal (I’m your father ) scene which was written so predictably that I smelled it hours upon hours before it happened?

No you’re right, that’s so cliche though that you would be knighted! They should make a game specifically for you where all you do is play a peasant and shovel cow shit at day. We can call it “Cliche avoidance: A realistic medieval game by Bernhardt.”

The only thing that offended me was such a gaping hole of intelligence such as yourself actually made that comment without realizing the entire game is cliche from a narrative point of view anyways.


Am I the only one who’s Henry routinely gets addressed as sir Knight by shop keepers and pretty much everyone?


People will address you as Knight but it’s on a completely superficial level determined by the fact that you’re wearing expensive plate armor. Then for some reason in the next sentence, they’ll say something like “Hello Henry!”

You know, because for some reason every single person from city-dwellers to people wandering around in the woods knows who you are in Bohemia even if you’re wearing a helmet that completely covers your face. Figure that one out.


Dont be petty. It doesnt matter which your you use. You know what he meant. So why mention it at all? Not everyone cares if its the correct spelling. Even if we know the difference, like myself. I use there even if its supposed to be their or they’re. In the end it really doesnt matter because anyone with a grain of intellect is going to know what you’re talking about. If it bothers you that much I highly encourage you to become a school teacher and teach the next genearation the proper use of the English language. Not trying to be rude but it bothers me more when people like you do this more so than when someone doesnt spell something right. Plus auto-correct can be a bitch on cell phones.


In the game when you first go to Lord Radzig Henry is called a peasant by the fat man by the priest but Radzig corrects him and says he isnt one but a blacksmith. So maybe he is a Serf. Not entirely sure. Id have to look more into medieval titles.


Thanks for the link. Could be an interesting read. Cheers mate.


100% This, answering his question would require a lot of plot being spoiled which I will not do. Typically as stated NPC’s will address Henry based on the clothing he wears and how dirty he is.

Haven’t bathed in a while and your gear is filthy = NPC’s might remark how much you stink

Got you ass handed to you in a fight and haven’t washed off yet = NPC’s will remark that you look like you just got your ass beat

Wearing Noblemans clothes = NPC’s will treat you not so much as a Nobleman but of someone of wealth

Wearing Plate Armor = Many NPC’s will refer to you as a Knight

So on and so forth, its actually a really nice mechanic and I enjoy that your appearance will change how NPC’s interact with you to some extent.

Don’t forget that your reputation also plays a large roll in how NPC’s will greet you. If your rep is extremely negative some NPC’s will actually run from you in fear or you’ll have to bribe them just to talk to you again, alternatively if you have very good rep many NPC’s will say something like “Hey Henry’s come to see us” as you walk past them, and vendors your friendly with will often accept items from you for a much greater price or allow you to haggle them way lower than they normally would.


My very first play through I made the mistake of killing the executioner and people in Rattay hated me after even though an executioner is about as low in social standing as it got. They couldnt even live in town because is was socially unacceptable. Had to bribe the Herbalist to be able to talk to him which didnt make him any nicer. Another play through I found out the executioner is part of a side quest involving a young woman which you can match with him and they live happily ever after presumably


Hermann also has another quest after the quest Tough Love called Money for Old Rope which has a unique Long Sword you can obtain if done correctly, the Executioners Blade which has the highest slash damage in the game.


Cool. I will have to try and get it.


thanks, they did alot of good stuff like that in this game, when ever I see the executioner in the bar(he hangs out at the one need the big castle) he is effusive with me.
I will also say, that he has his own distinct face makes a big deal, you see face number 1,2,3,4,5 so many times in the game seeing a distinct face is cool.


Yeah Hermann is a surprisingly well done character, while his role in the game is rather minor he has a unique face and voice to him, as I don’t think Hermann’s voice actor did work for any other characters or at least I couldn’t tell. Like many characters in Kingdom Come Deliverance the voice actor for the character is the actual model for the character too. The voice actor for Henry and Han’s literally look exactly like their character in real life which I thought was awesome.

Also about the Sword being that this is a spoiler section I probably shouldn’t have been so vague, I won’t spoil the quest because it is a rather enjoyable one. Basically go along with Hermann’s plan, which one of the things you have to do is steal the sword and dull it, and put it back. Basically after the quest is over do not, I repeat DO NOT go back to Hermann immediately, go back to the camp you got the sword from and steal it again. Once you talk to Hermann the camp is removed from the game and the sword is no longer obtainable.