What is the point of "stealth" in this game

This is more of a gripe than a question.
Just to give you an example, I wanted to attack a Cuman campsite.
I have a high stealth level and I also have the camelion perk.
Anyway, I waited in the bushes, quite far from the camp. I checked my medieval clock, 06:00, first light…
…time to move in on my unaware, unprepared, half asleep victims. I almost felt like a cold-blooded murderer.
I crept toward the camp, being careful to stay crouched in the undergowth, moving in, soooo slowly.
Suddenly, a man in the camp started shouting out a warning and came lunging at me through the bushes.
Good grief, silly me, I had forgotten that Cumans have x-ray vision and radar implants !
In less than a minute, I was being clobbered on all sides by 4 or 5 fully armoured, fully alert, early rising Cumans.
In less than a minute later, I was a fully armoured, unalert pile of dead Henry…
Seriously, is this kind of situation realistic, RPGish ?
What did I do wrong ? Is stealth really that bad ?
Whew. Got that off my chest.


There’s the answer to your question. Armor makes noise in this game.


As does crunching through bushes.


Stealth is definitely broken in this game. It doesn’t work when you’re making noise. Running is also broken; you can’t run when you’re out of stamina.

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You need the right tools to play stealth

You already got plenty of answers (some helpful, some not so helpful). My experience with stealth is mixed. If I have the wrong armor mix then stealth is worthless. I have had success in stealth with the light, dark clothing/armor. One other factor , do you have your dog with you? The dog is a stealth killer.

Dogs are bad for stealth both on your side and on the enemy’s too. Devs just didn’t think out any way to effectively counter them.

I can wipe out a whole camp if

  1. I am wearing the right kind of armor (noise 0)
  2. My stealth score is high enough (starts getting good at around 13 or so)
    3, I am patient. Wait for crouching chameleon to take effect before each kill.

I have notice that if you try to do too much too fast (true of kills and pickpocket) you are more likely to get caught. Take a moment between actions.

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No. You are bad, and should feel bad.

Wore highly visible and noisy armor. You went in during the day. You also don’t seem to understand how the stealth system works.

Try sneaking into a camp, in full daylight, in shiny, and noisy, metal armor, and see if you fare any better. It seems pretty realistic to me, but perhaps you have some kind of superhuman stealth ability that you assumed would transfer into the game.

They have these things called ears. You can cut them off and trade them in for gold in Talmberg.


Well, right now stealth is bad because of dogs. I liked how it worked before, but there is just no way to somehow quetly lure them out of light near fire, and maybe kill with the bow or with poisoned meat.


Thanks for your detailed reply.
I take your point(s) but, I feel that ticking me off « You are bad, and should feel bad » doesnt help me very much.
As you say, I may not understand how the stealth system works so, I decided to throw caution to the wind. Dead for dead…
I charged into the camp in full daylight, in shiny, noisy, metal armour, brandishing my sword and shield.
Their things called ears didn’t appear to work very well this time round because, two Cumans with their backs to me, were peacefully chatting to each other in front of the campfire.
They only realised that I was right behind them was when I struck the first one, in the back.
Maybe I was lucky this time.
Anyway, I take note that superhuman stealth abilities shouldn’t be seen as a given, in the game.
I’ll bear that in mind the next time I plan to attack a camp.

The feeling bad thing was a joke, nevermind. Perhaps you’ve never heard it before.

Before they actually notice you, if they hear something, they might become suspicious, but won’t become alerted until they actually confirm an enemy is there. The delay is kind of long at times, and is one area where the game is bad. It was worse at one point, as the AI went through all the possible options of what they should do. Eventually they streamlined that process and prioritized fighting back and running away.

As long as you kill a suspicious enemy before they become alerted, and shout for help, you can maintain the element of surprise. Of course if you fail to do that, and the whole camp is alerted, then they will chase you until you’re dead, or far enough away that they can’t see you anymore.

That’s what I meant about not understanding the stealth system. Noise is the most important thing, but the whole camp won’t come chasing you just because they hear a sound. If one becomes alerted though, and shouts for help, then it’s too late. Once you get used to it, it makes sense, and is pretty easy to work with.


Some armor pieces in game are more noisy than others.

If you want to use stealth effectively you’ll need armor which makes zero noise in total and has low visibility (conspicousness is only important if you plan on doing illegal stuff where someone might recognize you and rat on you to the guards).
You’ll need to use only a dark gambeson, dark hose and hood and some quiet shoes (or bare feet). Some people will only wear a dark monk’s robe.

Most armor, especially plate and mail will make you too noisy.

You also need to make use of darkness (don’t go around with a torch) and avoid the dogs (Aesop’s potion or dog person perk).

You need to approach the camp when everyone is asleep - quite often there is a guy keeping watch. The game is actually very realistic as it’s not easy to move in the forest without being heard by a person.
Usually in the dead of night, they are all asleep (3 AM)

Thanks for your advice, especially concerning 3 AM.
I’ll try that.

Yesterday I just got a perk in the, I think it is the herbalist skill, that allows me to significantly reduce my visibility & conspicuousness in wooded areas. Perhaps that might help. Also you can improve your maintenance skill & get the perk that allows you to, when repair your own armour, be able to reduce the noise of your armour.

Just take your time to tell your dog to stay before to sneak in, and lure the enemy dogs as far enough to kill them without being noticed.

I am not satisfied with what the fight with dog looks like. Damn it, protagonist wears the dagger not to cut his food, and his armor even without plates isn’t something, which may be easily biten through.

Damn, I can’t throw stones/meat near the camp to lure said dogs, and I’m not a fan of being a bait myself.

Can you stealth kill? If so, how? If not, wtf are daggers for?