What Is The Trick For Multiple Attackers?


Don’t know how I could forget horse archery when it is by far the best way to deal with multiple enemies! When you get used to the aim you can pull off full gallop shots while circling the enemies and they can do absolutely nothing about it. Even just trotting away while notching your next arrow, turn 90 degrees left, fire, then trot out of range again is a sure fire way of killing as many bandits as you desire if you take care of their archers first. Just don’t get stuck in bushes…


Choke point/bottle neck - if possible, reduce angle of vulnerability. Use trees, narrow walkways, etc.

in a moment of sheer boredom, cut down scores of guards by getting on ledge between Rattay church and wall (bodies piled as high as Warhorse Jenda), wall walkway in S Rattay castle (over 20 till bugged out; Nightengale came and non-targetable), next to adandonned dwelling and trees in Pribyslavitz (killed whole camp in nest of vipers)

Horse archery - ride, shoot, rinse, repeat. Works in an NPC battle spawn point and in any town square (Rattay)


Or let the polearms get too close… also expect NPC archers to do a better job of targeting mount in future


Running backwards. It seems broken


TLDR, but if it hasn’t been mentioned, holding whatever key you have assigned to “Sprint” (“LShift” for me) and then using your mouse to look at your desired target then tapping the “Block” button (not “Tab”) works OK for me.

I also have my “Rotate” keys bound on my G13 where most people using a traditional keyboard would have “Q” and “E” and I’ve been experimenting with using those to turn my view while holding “LShift”. I haven’t mastered that yet though, so I can’t recommend it.

I also try to avoid “Hard Locking” an opponent unless I’m only fighting one, and then I intentionally lock onto them.


ll you people giving tips about fighting multiple targets are forgetting a few things. A. Targeting sucks! LIKE ITS REALLY BAD! B. You can only target one guy so how do I block dude to my right and lefts attacks. IRL you could just jump to what ever attack is launched first but your first person view makes is so you cant even see the other guys or react to there attacks. C. The main story throws fight that are really to hard at you like when you are trying to find Timmy and 4 well armed and armored guys attack you!!!


the game doesn’t mean for you to take on multiple enemies (>3) at once. its not skyrim kidda!


You cant say the game is great because of its realistic combat, but then stand on a rock all day and just launch arrows or spam one attack over and over. Make up your mind! What is the point in realism if everybody has to be cheap to win. Using flaws in the game world to survive a fight. You cant have it both so which is it. That right there is why there is something seriously definitely wrong with combat in this game!!!


errr, i didn’t say spam a fight or be cheap to win. LOL.


Um im sorry are you and me the only people commenting here. No! Then dont assume that was meant for you!


Well, for fighting multiple enemies, I would recommend poisoning their food if you can get to it without being seen.

I also recommend high quality armor, a really good weapon for the armor they have. If they are wearing gambesons and no plate, use a sword. If they are in full plate and have a helmet, use either an axe or a mace. Probably with a shield.

Take out the archers first otherwise they’ll turn you into a pincushion while you’re focusing on blocking, parrying their fighters.

Archers also tend to have very little armor compared to the melee fighters so they are easier to kill.


And if all else fails, hire a sith lord to zap them.


Key to fighting +3 enemies in hardcore. Poison your weapon (dollmaker, etc) or horse archery


Combat has always been super challenging to me, yet people complain its easy, but its only easy because they do gamebreaking nonsense like standing on a bush shooting arrows at people who can’t beat them. That is what makes combat a joke. Meanwhile 1.6 made blocking very difficult for parry. That pretty much pushed me to exploit mode, best way to kill is to back up with a bow and time their lung with a quick step back to hit them with arrows. Arrows are seriously damaging, and if you hit them in the face or neck they stumble if not die. If you have high strength and bow skill a single arrow can fell a very strong enemy. I usually sneak and kill the strongest, and then if others notice, i kill them with arrows. I wear light dark clothes, so pretty swift on my feet against armored enemies. So they can’t reach me quick enough as i backpedal and fire arrows. Although 1.6 they cut your speed way down compared to 1.5, so you move a lot slower. My speed is 18, used to be in the 20s i am pretty sure with light armor.


XBox One:
My biggest problem early in the game was understanding the console controls.
I thought I understood them, but I didn’t, and battles were frustrating and usually led to a Game Over.
I only played Skyrim and the battle controls are completely different.
I can’t stress enough taking time practicing with Captain Robard.
Pay attention to the Instructions that the game presents on screen while in combat with him.
This combat system requires more concentration and discipline from just squeezing buttons and hoping for the best. I’m still working on being less emotionally spastic in combat.
You should be familiar with the following.

  1. The right stick controls which direction you will strike from.
  2. Realize that holding and then releasing the control button activates the strike.
    Get familiar which button controls a “Slash” and which controls the “Stab”.
  3. Become familiar with the “Block” button. It can save a lot of damage done by your opponent.
  4. Pay attention to the “Target Lock” icon. It indicates from which direction your opponent in open and the green dot indicates when to strike.
  5. Become familiar with the “Kick” button, especially useful when you are close to your opponent. A kick and then a strike can be very effective.
  6. Practice with Robard. Did I mention, practice with Robard???
  7. Later after you have become proficient in Alchemy, you can brew some potions that will give you added stamina/ energy and also protect you from injury. You will need to drink these before beginning combat.
    Watch for the “Crossed Swords” icon that gives you an early warning of being attacked.
    Drink your potions if you have them. They are good for 10 minutes.
    Be aware that these will add to your “Nourishment” stat and could hinder your movements if your stat is over 100%.
    Have fun!


Dude potions are a big way to get a beast, drink artemisa and bivols rage, you are a wild man with strength, drink a lazarus you heal during combat. bowman’ brew for bow, plus the two other strengths makes your arrows slice up the strongest knights like butter. You can juice up on those potions then wash it out with a digestion potion and a hair of the dog to get your negative washed away.


with Capt Robard you gain a feel for being within range against a single enemy. in normal mode, you learn how the aiming star is actually a targeting acquisition tool. it’s a very interesting and pretty fun mechanic against one guy.

with enough experience you learn a fundamental limit of the aiming star: you can’t reliably strike the other guy unless the aiming star has turned on. if you rush the guy and try to get off some early, quick (surprise) strikes before the aiming star activates, your strikes won’t be successful. it doesn’t matter that you are in the guys face or on his back well within striking range. those early, quick strikes could level the playing field against +3 vs Henry battles, but that mechanic tragically isn’t enabled by the game

there’s another issue. the training with Capt Robard doesn’t simulate the game mechanics when battling 2 or more enemies. the game pushes and pulls Henry outside of joystick moves and outside of kicks and the like. fighting more than 1 enemy at a time triggers a push/pull mechanism that effectively locks you in (and i don’t mean the R3 lock in - PS4) and you don’t have much control over it.

with 2 or more combatants you get stuck; turning left and right becomes very, very difficult (sometimes seemingly impossible) even after you click on unlock (O unlock - PS4). A Capt Bernard ‘pro’ training would simulate that flanking move by a 2nd enemy and teach you how to deal with it within the mechanics of the game.

i’ve been in so many battles in which i cannot escape the lock in to turn right or left to address an enemy on my flank or even do a 180 to runaway. the reason for this seems to be when my aiming star is activated against the guy opposite and another guy has his aiming star activated on me. and, with that mechanic enforced, i’m hosed. the game is unforgiving. instruction would help (assuming an input mechanic currently exists) or the game sorely needs to enable such a mechanic (eg use combination input of unlock and hard left/right turn). without it, multi-NPC battles will under perform. i think WH can do better


theres a reply button for that…


You’re not supposed to be a superhero in kcd. Handling a few enemies is ok but you shouldn’t be able to defeat like six of them.


Not sure anybody is asking for that. I’m just asking for the ability to seamlessly turn away from the guy in front and fight the guy locked in on me on my right or left flank. Take care of that mechanic and all the rest will be fine