What other historical setting would you like to see in KCD-like game?

For me, it’s the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (or a period shortly after it disappeared):

  • Brutal forays on noble estates. These were the highlight of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (these were either done legally, or not).
    Foray - Wikipedia

  • Foray could be a perfect set up for a revenge story.

  • Variety of possible enemies for gameplay purposes: Cossacks, Germans, Russians, Swedes.

  • Robber barons were common

  • Thus there would be bandits to fight

  • Noble chicks to romance

  • Variety of noble families with often complicated ancient rivalry between them - so there could be a mechanic for choosing who to side with. And it’s just a decent inspiration for a story thread

  • Diverse fauna and a rich hunting culture among nobles - hunting mechanics

  • Very flashy fighting techniques like cross art were common - https://youtu.be/TEwOmdnX50s?t=69 . This could make the gameplay look appealing

  • Variety of weaponary - sabres, pistols, bows, crossbows, rapiers, longswords - this variety would be great for gameplay, but would be kind of hard to implement due to all the animation work required

I agree about Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth that would be nice !