What other historical setting would you like to see in KCD-like game?

For me, it’s the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (or a period shortly after it disappeared):

  • Brutal forays on noble estates. These were the highlight of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (these were either done legally, or not).
    Foray - Wikipedia

  • Foray could be a perfect set up for a revenge story.

  • Variety of possible enemies for gameplay purposes: Cossacks, Germans, Russians, Swedes.

  • Robber barons were common

  • Thus there would be bandits to fight

  • Noble chicks to romance

  • Variety of noble families with often complicated ancient rivalry between them - so there could be a mechanic for choosing who to side with. And it’s just a decent inspiration for a story thread

  • Diverse fauna and a rich hunting culture among nobles - hunting mechanics

  • Very flashy fighting techniques like cross art were common - https://youtu.be/TEwOmdnX50s?t=69 . This could make the gameplay look appealing

  • Variety of weaponary - sabres, pistols, bows, crossbows, rapiers, longswords - this variety would be great for gameplay, but would be kind of hard to implement due to all the animation work required

I agree about Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth that would be nice !

England/France during the 100yrs War, loads of side battles and plotting nobles

Perhaps earlier, rome? Though the battles would be far too big. Border skirmishes? Perhaps a little past this into the fall of the eastern romans on the western front, eastern battles again trended towards the excessively large side. Viking raids would be fun, would probably have to have a lot of loading screens though.

There are many lol

bannerlord mod is making 3rd crusade period. amazing art and accuracy to detail and history. but it’s shitty bannerlord so…yeah

Something like Wallachia under Vlad the Impaler, Middle East during the crusades or maybe France/England during the 100 years war or Germany during the 30 years war.