What’s supposed to happen after you help Florian?

As I was finishing this quest, the dialogue options implied Henry would be chased. But I didn’t experience anything like that. All I encountered, were two bad guys near the camp (maybe it was three). Henry made relatively short work of them, mostly because the AI loves to send them off one at a time into the dark and rainy night, never to return. “John! Where did Joseph go? Wasn’t he supposed to be on guard? He hasn’t been back for hours! And what happened to Luke?? He went to take a piss 45 minutes ago! You wait here, I’ll be right back, I’m going to walk out there in the middle of the night, alone, unprepared. If I’m not back in ten minutes, just go ahead and take a nap!” The AI can be pretty corny that way.

But what is with the dialogue suggesting more bandits are supposed to spawn as you try to leave the area?

I wish the scripts were written so that, as soon as the AI has reason to suspect you are in the area, they either try to move the captive to a new area or attempt to do her in. That’d force the player to be a little more creative in solving this one.