What should I buy? (Honest answer please)


It is brilliant.
In time you will get value for money from it vastly better than most every other game in a collection…

(If you dig Skyrim etc and have clocked up hundreds/thousands hours in that/others like)
Your posts suggest you dont like games with non linear stories/too much freedom… one thing I have come to like about KCD is the quality of the landscape (people too).
Whilst I never did the civil war questline of skyrim (main quest), I do enjoy coming back to the central theme rhat KCD offers.

Unlike majority of posters on this site - I see KCD as immensely replayable as well. In time more subquests and dialogue options will open up…
Just the differences in dialogue and options in the prologue shows the attention and care aimed for…

Dont try and run through it asap… (now)…

Start a few times and see some of the differences that speech craft might net or player choices change…


All theese games are good.


I would agree on buying console, because to spend that much on games, you could buy pretty good console. keep in mind


New consoles are set to come out in the next 1-2 years time o I’d wait instead


That’s a long wait, if you can get one now, do it:)


If you want to buy a video game you can have a look on Eneba.com page. I think you will choose a game from there. Good service good prices.