What should I buy? (Honest answer please)


Got a 100 Euro to spend on gamez for Easter. Now I don’t know if I should get:
Kingdom Come Deliverance (standard): 60 Euro and Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Limited Edition: 38 Euro
Ni No Kuni 2 Prince Edition: 90 Euro Kingdom Come Deliverance Collectors Edition: 85 Euro? Thing is, I know that I love collectors editions and I’d love to have more, but I’m a bit scared that I may not like Kingdom Come. Whilsts Ni No Kuni, I feel is a bit too expensive just for the steelbook and a documentary (even if I collect steelbooks).
What do you guys think?


This games only going to grow… the mods the REAL community, this games simply amazing. If you’re into a real deep rpg mechanics then look no further.


I would buy it on console. Mods ain’t an option. I just need to know if this isthe best way I can spend money.


It depends on what you want though. If it’s realism you want and are willing to put up with the possible frustration until the game gets fixed, I’d say jump on the first opportunity to get KCD. If realism isn’t your cup of tea though you might want to look at spending your money elsewhere.


Well patch 1.4 supposedly comes out next week. I would suggest waiting until it’s released, come back here and get feedback about the current state of the game, then make your decision.

Edit: Patches go through on PC first then consoles a week or two later, but you could still get good feedback from the pc users when 1.4 is released.


If you are tolerant of bugs (some of which are game-breaking and will require you to lose hours of gameplay), then absolutely go for Kingdom come. It’s a very fun and addictive game with a beautiful setting.


I’d wait before getting Kingdom come deliverance. You might get a better price and a better product by not rushing in now. The amount of time lost due to crashes (I’m on PS-4) and bugs is beyond frustrating. The game itself is quite boring to replay countless times to get back to where you were. Definitely going to be an ok game once fixed, but it’s not there yet.


Ni no Kuni collectors edition totally worth it, amazing game just like this one but the collectors edition in that case it’s highly Superior


I wouldn’t be getting Ni No Kuni collectors edition. I would be getting the “Prince Edition” which has the steelbook, the season pass, the game and a “making of” documentary.
Kingdom Come has a better collectors edition and it’s even cheaper than the Prince Edition. I am usually tolerant of bugs, but I’m scared that I wouldn’t like KC: D, because it will give me too much freedom like Skyrim (I disliked Skyrim, because I would get lost and just bored). I need to know if Kingdom Come is focused enough so I can actually enjoy it.


The story is far more compelling than Skyrim which is aided by having a voiced and predefined player character, so the main quest at least will give you a lot of enjoyment. There are a lot of side quests and optional exploring to be done very akin to Skyrim which may not suit you, but they are still very interesting to do for the most part. You may get the sense of “I’m not sure what I want to do next” in KC:D if that’s what you mean by getting lost/bored? All in all, it arguably gives you less freedom than Skyrim (not counting freedom in how you complete quests) but it’s still a game very much like Skyrim at the end of the day, an open-world RPG that lets you do whatever you want. Honestly the first time I’ve heard of someone preferring less freedom in a game, although I can understand where you’re coming from.


Ah. I see.
Do you think the collectors edition is worth it?


If you like that sort of thing then it’s definitely one of the better collector’s editions I’ve seen, I personally don’t tend to buy CE’s though.


You do not need collector edition to have full game. And do not worry about bugs. I have plaied 100 hour, and I did not have problems. You must learn game mechanics: http://kingdom-come.online/tips-2.html and You will engoy game a lot!


Some mods are usefull, but lots of mods are stupid. It is foolish to make GTA from this game. Game without mods is usefull, and it is good idea preserve auhtor’s idea: historical accuracy and realism


KCD is a nice game, but you could buy like 5 different games wich are better for 100 €.
Witcher 3, Divinity: Original Sin 2, Wasteland 2, GTA V, Pillars of Eternity.

Don’t get me wrong. KCD is a very nice game, but it seems to be unfinshed and for me this game is not worth 60 € or even more right now.


Unfinisfed KDC is fake news.


Sure, but 516546546546 Bugs are not.


Unfinished KCD is definitely no fake news ha, the game has more bugs than all the other games on my steam account combined (including EA games) - surely not all game breaking, but enough to complain. This game should have been 19.99 or around that and on early access, not over 50.00 and considered finished.

@Leenat40… Kiddo, in my opinion spend your 100EUR on a bunch of other games and come back with your christmas money and take another look at KCD then - maybe giving it that amount of time will make it finished.


you can search on this website for cheap games …


Fuck ya’ll.
Gonna risk it and get the CE.