What the F****CK!

What in the holy fuck happened to the combat in this game? This is ridiculous! I don’t know if it was a recent patch or from downloading the From the Ashes DLC but suddenly the combat has gotten ten times as difficult.

My Henry has strength 20, vitality 20, agility 20, warfare 17 and sword 20. He is wearing some of the best armor in the game, THE best that you can buy. He has the St. Michael sword, one of the best in the game, and a heavy shield.

I just went up against some bandits in the first “Interlopers” bandit camp quest (gotten form the custodian in the monestery) I took a potion and a lazerus potion before the fight and I BARELY survived. I mean I hit some of these guys upwards of TWENTY fucking times and they did not go down. I have the headcracker perk, I got a clean downward swing on a guys head six times and did not take him down. Another bandit I knocked down a total of FOUR times before I finally killed him the fifth. After the first time I knocked him down he got up and fought me without his weapon and nearly beat me to death with his BARE HANDS.

Then later I get ambushed on the road by some noob bandits in fucking nothing but rags with a few axes and clubs and they SLAUGHTER me. I got hit maybe five times and I was done, dead. Armor and health were 100% and I got OWNED by guys I would normally beat by farting on them.

What the hell is happening? I am livid, my super decked out high level Henry can’t even fight as well as he did when I was level one.

Is this a bug? Did it come from the patch? Or the dlc? Was the combat difficulty somehow kicked up because I progressed to the Interlopers Activity? If this continues I will not be able to play this game. There is no way a fully armored, highly experienced Knight gets so easily taken out by loser ass bandits wearing nap sacks. Unbelievable.

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Forgot to mention playing on PS4 with version 1.10 which installed on 8/13/18

Also my armor was absolutely WRECKED. So was the bandits (Interlopers first quest). I have never seen my enemies armor so thoroughly trashed after fighting them. Its because I was hitting them so many damn times before they succumbed. I have never seen anything like this in the game.

What was your weapon? did you use poison? A heavy shield? not let you stamina get below 1/3?
Ceremonial mace and heavy shield and combat potions and poison on weapons will help against plate.
use a perk and or potion to help stamina. Never stand and fight. MOVE about.
I appreciate the harder combat. Especially in late game.
Am on PC BTW so I use modded poison and robin hood mod. Still I find the comat a challenge and fight as dirty as possible.

But this is different. It has never been this hard before. I had St Michael sword, one of the best in the game, and I used two potions, and I had a Heavy Shield, and I had the best armor…and I got wrecked. I have fought bandits before, and cuman, and this was completely different. The difficulty was beyond anything I have seen in this game before. This was the hardest fight I have ever had, harder than the boss battles. More difficult than any of the regular battles in the story. This was four bandits, and they were harder than any enemies I have ever fought before MUCH MUCH harder.

I have already been playing late game and the combat has never been this difficult, its like I am back to level one.

The US Marines have a saying: survive, adapt and overcome. Find a way. use different potions drop the sword and use a mace. BTW you cant’ use combo with a longsword and shield. If insist on sword: noble sword with a shield. Check out dollmaker poison. change tactics. snipe with a bow first…look as challenge not frustration


Odd, and here I thought the combat was getting easier. I’ve played both normal and hardcore and combat starts out hard (naturally), levels out and then gets harder as you progress. I have won four-on-won fights and I have died on one-on-one fights.

You are mistaken to believe just because you are well armed and armored that you will win all fights. Always remember the 'gold BB theory", it only takes one lucky shot for your opponent to win.

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My problem is not that the game is difficult, but that the difficulty has seemed to change. It is not just one fight I got hit in the right spot “golden BB” or I happened to run into a particularly hard group of guys. It seems that combat across the board has gotten harder, it is like every single enemy in the game is suddenly on steroids.

This feels to me like if i was playing a first person shooter right. You could say its a difficult first person shooter, very challenging, progression to get to where you are pretty good takes longer…ok, sure.

So you progress in this FPS and get really good (boosting stats and high level equipment as well as your personal skill goes up) Then there is a patch update or something. You go to play the FPS again and suddenly guys that normally would have died after 2 or 3 shots now need 10 or 20 straight hits on them to go down. Or one or two headshots used to take down the enemy but now you need to shoot them in the head seven times in a row before they die. You aren’t playing with a different gun, or different equipment, but suddenly the same weapon simply doesn’t do as much damage as it used to, or the enemies have way higher hit points than they used too. The difficulty has now DRASTICALLY changed beyond what it was.

Now, I am willing to admit that maybe this is a coincidence. I have gotten into six fights since I noticed the difficulty change. Three against well equipped bandits, twice against Cumans and once against extremely poorly equipped (and you would think low level, low skill) bandits. I have died in most of these fights. This never happened before, I was always able to come out on top with my current personal skill level and my character’s weapon and equipment was the same. So nothing has changed about me. Nothing about Henry has changed (except that a few of his combat skills actually went up) and yet the difficulty in the combat has changed wildly. This is also very recent, since about ten days ago, that the difficulty seemed to go up. So MAYBE I have just happened to have run into some really tough guys and was somehow lucky enough to never run into these very tough opponents in the dozens and dozens of combats before, and now against all odds am just happening to be running into these more rare tough opponents all in a row. Or, the game difficulty changed greatly for some reason. And again, recently. I read that the combat difficulty was adjusted some months ago but I am not talking about that, this is a very recent change in the way my game is playing.

I just want to know why, why at this point in time did it go up. I am wondering if it is actually a glitch or if it is intentional. Because the difficulty is off, yes even a vagabond who can barely fight could get in a lucky shot but the odds are most of the time a well trained and equipped fighter is going to beat a poorly equipped and trained fighter. But now it isn’t a fluke, I am consistently getting my ass kicked by much lower level NPC’s.

I am using a longsword so I will ditch the shield and see how much that helps.

Longsword with shield is a half measure. If you want shield, try Stinger. Or, just use St Michael

Melee w 3 or more is a tall order on PS4. Unless you are good at dodging and counterattacks

i have noticed this too, i quite like the changes, before i was finding the game way to easy because i could 1 or 2 hit kill anyone if i was using certain weapons and never really used other methods like stealth or archery.
Now i use my bow a hell of a lot more and avoid fighting more than 2 opponents at once unless they are just peasants.
I find the game really shines when it comes to archery where as the combat system needs some work, its good but it could be a lot better, especially when fighting more than 1 person.
It is annoying though, i would like it if it was somewhere between where it is now and where it was difficulty wise.

I agree. Last try (pc, 1.6.2) i was not able to win against three bandits from the first random encounter point between Sasau and Ledetchko. Now it is a very hard task with my Churburg like armor!

If you could recruit some guards… say yours at Pribyslavitz… it’d balance out and be realistic.


thats a really cool idea
i dont know if you have noticed though but the friendly AI in holdups are really suicidal and always run into the middle of fights between yourself and enemies which usually results in them getting hit by the player and then trying to kill you

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squad AI would be nice. it’d make killing bandits and Cuman by yourself harder. then again, maybe just the ‘professional’ soldiers should have squad AI (ie, proper, non suicidal group fighting tactics).

to re-balance in response to guards having squad AI but not the bandits, i’d be cool with even larger groups of bandits. some might protest about loot abuse. if loot abuse needs to be prevented or curtailed, i’d be fine with making the enemies (largely) non-lootable

hoping band of bastards improves this aspect of the game.

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Turns out it was mainly because I was using a longsword (or two handed sword) with a shield. Totally my own fault, I just didnt realize the difference between the two sword types. Makes complete sense that using a sword made for a two handed grip would not be very effective when holding it in one hand.


There are no “two-handed” swords in the game atm. Just One-handed - the Shortswords and one/two-handed the Longsword or Bastard sword, also called 1.5h-sword. Longswords can be used with or without the shields.

They can be used with shield, but that’s not how it’s intended, since you can’t use combos and master strikes anymore

It is INTENED to use bastard swords with the shields, because BY DESIGN it is the 1.5-sword. Just with some limitations: you can’t do combos and you need to spend more energy (about 1.7x times) but still can do devastating master strikes. There are no two-handed swords in the game. At least ATM. Polearms are only two-handed weapon implemented in the game.

You can do master strikes? I tried this and it didn’t work. And other people also say you can’t do them with shield.

ez doable (even without slomo), wanna video?

um, yeah, show it.